Time Clock Software, Time and Attendance and What is Buddy Punching?

Time Clock Software, Time and Attendance and What is Buddy Punching?

Buddy punching is an affectionate term for a not-so-affectionate common occurrence. Let’s examine an all too common event in the modern workplace in this MinuteHound time clock blog article:

Jim is an office worker who earns $20 per hour. Three times per week Jim shows up to work ten to fifteen minutes late. Because Jim’s coworker Rob swipes Jim’s timecard for him every morning at 9:00am, it never appears that Jim is late for work. This is a common occurrence at U.S. businesses.

Now, can you guess how much those 15 minutes three-times per week adds up to in real dollars stolen from the company? The amazing truth is that Jim steals $774 from the company every 12 months! Imagine you have ten “Jims” in your workplace. Their theft equals $7,740 wasted per year!

Wouldn’t it be better and more productive to award that $7,740 to your best employee as a bonus?
Instead of squandering it on the theft and abuse of other, irresponsible employees.

According to the American Payroll Association, “buddy punchers” cost U.S. business an average of $148 BILLION per year.
That is no small amount of money. Money that you could be contributing to bottom line profits.

All this lost money doesn’t even take into account the pressure that is put on good employees who need to work extra hard to make up for the absence of their late co-workers.
Or the pressure that is put on certain individuals to lie and cheat on behalf of their fellow coworkers.

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