Time Clocks and Minimizing Distractions in the Workplace

What do Time Clocks have to do with minimizing distractions in the work place

Everyone knows the key to a successful workplace is productivity. But workplace distractions can often decrease an employee’s output. Time Clocks and time cards are tools you can use to track your employees’ productivity. Here are some other failsafe tips to help you manage the number of distractions hounding your employees.

• Organize by the week, do by the day. Calendars and to-do lists increase efficiency. Planning with a seven-day mindset allows employees to think on a greater level about how they spend time and energy. Offer a weekly worksheet or “workflow” for your employees to track their major projects and tasks. An unobtrusive way of doing this might be offering free copies of weekly worksheet templates at the time clock.
• Discourage interruptions. Interruptions from coworkers and clients can make for a rough transition back to work: the average individual spends two to fifteen minutes recovering from interruptions. Institute an office practice of making phone calls or sending e-mails rather than popping heads into others’ workspaces. For employees who need to interact more frequently, help your employees schedule daily, weekly, or monthly meetings, and encourage them to save their questions and talking points for the meetings.

• Encourage clean workspaces. If employees spend 15 minutes a day simply tidying up their workspaces (even if it’s just filing a stack of papers), then the cleared space will ease each task and relieve feelings of stress. As an employer, you can make tidy desks and workspaces mandatory.

Some employees will always manage their workload well, while you may need to help others. Consider more detailed time cards or perhaps the benefits of personalized biometric time clock software.
Haven’t heard of a biometric time clock? Learn how they work and about their benefits to any business. For more information about installing the MinuteHound™ time clock system in your workplace, call us at 1-800-351-7237.

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