Time Clocks and Time Clock Time Theft

3 Examples of Time Theft that Consistently Go Unnoticed

Time Clock Time theft is a huge problem that just about every company manager or business owner has to deal with. In spite of the fact that time theft is ubiquitous and most project managers and team leaders are aware that it takes place on their watch, it is difficult and oftentimes wasteful to detect and reprimand specific instances of time clock abuse. Examples of time theft that are common and often go unnoticed include:

1. Tardy Arrivals and Early Departures: One of the most common forms of time theft is also one of the oldest. Companies in all industries pay their employees for “work” that is completed prior to an employee’s arrival or after that employee’s departure. If you use a time card or standard time clock system. It is likely that one of your employees has another employee clock in for him whenever he is late for work so that it appears he is never tardy. It is also common for workers to leave work 10-15 minutes early whenever a supervisor is not around, either penciling in a later departure time or asking an employee once again to clock them out.

2. Attending to Personal Matters: Another common way an employee commits time clock theft is by attending to personal matters while on the job. Some employees take personal calls and talk for an extended period of time, while others spend time with one another talking about non-related work issues while not working, and others still run errands while on the job. This type of behavior violates company policies at most businesses and organizations.

3. Long Breaks and Lunches: A similar problem to the one described above, many businesses allocate tens of thousands of dollars a year to employees who stretch out their lunch breaks in practice but not in the record books. Without a time clock system accurately reporting the length of a break an employee takes, it is difficult for a payroll manager to pay employees for the time they actually work.

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