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The Time Recording App Is All You Need To Save Time, Money, and Office Space!

The time recording app is now available to all business owners and managers. Whether you’re trying to run a company of a few, or a few-thousand employees this app is for you. There is no more important piece of information to keep track of than the hours each person works. Everything from pay, to vacation time, and federal regulations requiring daily meal breaks depend on it. Thanks to new technology this information can now be accurately recorded with a time recording app.

The MinuteHound system provides instant access to your employee time clock information. MinuteHound uses advanced technology to replace old, clunky and expensive time clocks. MinuteHound is also Green! The system is paperless. No inventory or additional equipment to buy. MinuteHound’s time recording app replaces those old systems and saves you money and office space! Employees clock in and out using fingerprint scanners the size of a coffee mug. With a swipe of a fingerprint, your employee arrival and departure times are tracked down to the second. The process of starting and ending a shift or break is not only easy, but accurate.

MinuteHound’s Time Recording App Sends You Alerts and Updates

Safe and Secure Cloud TechnologyThe ease of employee use is only part of the draw of the MinuteHound system. The rest of the benefits lie in its use and support of the time recording app. Everything recorded through MinuteHound is processed and stored in a cloud-based system. That means no physical on-site storage space is needed and you don’t have to be there to access the data. It can be viewed anywhere you have an internet connection including on your phone or laptop while away on business. That means at any point with the time recording app you can see exactly where your employees are working and have worked with real-time updates.

The time recording app comes with other bells and whistles to help the watchful business-owner as well. It will automatically send email and text alerts if an employee is late or goes over time limits. And thanks to fingerprint technology there is no worry about disorganized data. When accessing your information online, there are many filters to help what your looking for, fast. No more wasted time. No more wasted money. MinuteHound is also with you every step of the way. The time recording app includes 24/7 customer service and support. Sleep well, MinuteHound is on your side.

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