Time Theft in The Workplace

Time Theft is in Every Workplace

Time theft is a very serious issue and it is in every workplace.
The American Payroll Association has calculated.
That between two and eight percent of total payroll is Time Theft.
To calculate how much your business is losing and could potential be saving
visit this calculator page.

Time Theft Workplace
Time Theft in the Workplace

What exactly is Time Theft

Time theft relates to many issues regarding the TimeClock in the workplace.
One of the primary Time Theft Methods is buddy punching.
Buddy punching is when one employee clocks another in or out.
This alone accounts for between two and fiver perch of total payroll.
For more examples of employee time theft visit this article.

What can your business do to end buddy punching

To prevent time theft a biometric time clock by MinuteHound is your only true option.
With the Biometric TimeClock by MinuteHound time theft becomes a thing of the past.
The biometric TimeClock by MinuteHound utilizes a fingerprint to clock in your employees.
All an employee needs to do to clock in is place there finger on the scanner.
This instantly clocks them in. The second an employee clocks in;
The business owner or designated manager can be notified.
The Biometric TimeClock is only a small part of the MinuteHound Time Clock System.
For the short story on the MinuteHound TimeClock watch the video below.

Time Theft a thing of the past

The TimeClock by MinuteHound really turns Time Theft into a thing of the past.
No more buddy punching. No More paying employees for time they did not work.
Another great feature of the MinuteHound Time Clock Software is Alerts.
The Alerts Feature can send an email or text message SMS.
To the owner and any number of designated managers.
When Employees do not stick to the schedule.
To learn more about Time Theft Management read this Time Theft Management Article.
The alerts are highly customizable.
They can be if an employee is late, early, forgets to clock in and much more.
Visit the MinuteHound TimeClock Website to end Time Theft in your workplace.

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