How To Save Money at the Pump! How To Stop Time Theft!

How to Save Money at the Pump!How to Stop Time Theft!

Have the prices of payroll and gas got you down?
Gas Prices keep going up but your paycheck stays the same?
Your business is struggling due to the economy?
Need a way to cut cost and save money?

Read on and feel enlightened!
MinuteHound will not only save you money when it comes to your payroll, but today you can learn to save money getting to work!

Here are our Top 10 “How To” tips to help save you money!

1. How To Brake Correctly.

MinuteHound: Stop fradulent buddy punching.
With our bio-metric fingerprint scanner, no one can punch/clock in an employee in but THAT employee. MinuteHound TimeClock Software is the fool proof way to ensure that your employee, and only that employee, is working their designated shift.
No more timecards, no more “unique” username and passwords. Our fingerprint scanner is the advanced technology edge that your buisness needs today!
Your Car: Keep as steady a speed as possible and avoid braking and starting up again.
Accelerating uses the most gas.

2. How To Cruise Control

MinuteHound: You can get a visual and/or printed report on everyone who is at work, when they got there and when they left. The best part, you don’t have to be anywhere around your workplace! You can view your reports 24/7, from any internet connection in the world! Once in place, MinuteHound takes care of that work for you no matter the hour of the day, day of the week, or holiday!
Your Car: Your car will regulate the speed for you and be the most efficient when it comes to using gas.

3. How To Shift into Neutral

MinuteHound: You are the hero!
Your employees are happy now! No more worries about their paycheck being incorrect. MinuteHound TimeClock Software is the most accurate, cost effective tool on the market!
You don’t have to rely on your employees being honest or telling on each other when dealing with pay discrepancies. MinuteHound eliminates the pitfalls of the usual timeclock system by identifying each employee without mistake.
Your Car: When at a stoplight or having to stand for a long period, shifting into neutral relieves engine stress and uses less gas.
Also if you ever find yourself driving down a hill or steep slope, shift into neutral and use gravity, not your gas!

4. How To Lose Weight

MinuteHound: No more faulty time clocks, hanging punching stations, buying time cards, and storing time cards! Did you know that in some states the law for saving time cards is ten years? Where would you like to store all those heavy cards?
And how will you dispose of them when the ten years is up?
No more such worries with MinuteHound! It’s paperless, cloud-based, and easy to install.
With customer service 24/7, you’re never on your own!
Your Car: Don’t store anything in the trunk or other areas if you don’t need it.
Lighten up and save on gas by not towing unnecessary pounds.
Don’t fill up until the tank is near empty as a gallon of gasoline also is heavy.

5. How To Pick the Best Route

MinuteHound: This one is easy!
Timeclocks are over 100 years old and fraught with problems.
MinuteHound TimeClock Software is new advanced technology! MinuteHound is the way to go when it comes to ease of use, maintenence, and affordibility!
For less than the price of a tank of gas, you could run MinuteHound for the entire month!
Your Car: This one is also easy.
Find out which is the shorter drive, less hilly, and less stressful on your car.
Sometimes you can even discover this by going online and routing your drive, saving more gas and also time.

6. How To Turn off the Air Conditioning

MinuteHound: No sweat!
How many employees does it take to run your current timeclock system? Keeping accurate records? Keeping the time cards, and turning in the numbers for pay checks?
MinuteHound does that all for you! Eliminating the extra staff to handle time and attendance.
Out sick or on Vacation? No Problem! MinuteHound has many features to help your real world buisness deal with your real world situations!
Your Car: Using the AC does take more gas to keep the engine laboring.
For slower drives, open the windows and use natural draft to cool the car.
However, on the highway, use the AC as open windows could create resistance to a smooth ride.

7. How To Remove the Ski/Luggage Rack

MinuteHound: Get rid of all you need to keep the old timeclock operating.
Take an inventory of all you need in order to supply the old timeclock system. You you may be shocked at all that equipment you need!
How about quickly installing a computer program and only having a small scanner where your employees touch their fingertip?
How easy and space-saving was that, and you did it!
Your Car: Another case of wind resistance.
If a ski or luggage rack is sticking up on the roof of your car, it’s pushing against your car moving forward easily no matter what speed you are traveling.

8. How To Carpool

MinuteHound: No matter how many employees or locations you have, this system works! And best yet, it works for pennies a day!
It’s user-friendly, extremely efficient, and some even call it fun!
Your Car: If anyone you work with shares the same shift, this is a great benefit for saving gas and wear and tear on your vehicles.
Not only that, but many highways have lanes for such purposes, often saving time as well.
An added bonus: Pick up coffee on the way and enjoy the company!

9. How To Change the Air Filter

MinuteHound: Of course you want to breathe easier!
Why worry about things malfunctioning when you’re not there?
Change to MinuteHound in the fraction of the time it takes to work on a busted timeclock.
Never worry about such things again, especially with expert customer service available by phone, email, or web!
Do you have that with your old timeclock?
Your Car: A clean air filter means a better intake of air, making the engine run more efficiently.
Your Air Filter is the lungs of your vehicle! If your car breathes easier, it won’t be taking big drinks of gas to keep it going.

10. How To Drive Slower

MinuteHound: Put your feet up. Have a drink.
No more worries about buddy punching, broken mechanics, misplaced or damaged time cards, adding up hours, bookkeeping, and calling in payroll.
Get a visual report or print out of the entire staff, or an individual.
Manage your employees and their productivity, not the ancient timeclock system!
Make your life easier and have the time and money to concentrate on how to run your business, which is what you should be doing in order to prosper.
MinuteHound can help you do this!
Your Car: For every 5mph you reduce your speed on the highway, you save 7% on gas.
These days people are more impressed with safety and saving the planet.
Do your part and have a good impact on our beautiful earth.

For more on Time Theft please click here!

Call (800) 351-7237 MinuteHound today!
Put all these tips to use and your work life and leisure time just got a lot better!

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