No luck of the Irish needed, MinuteHound sends you a St. Patrick’s Day Limerick!

MinuteHound wishes you a Very Happy St Patrick's Day!

A St. Patrick’s Day greeting from your friends at MinuteHound!

‘Tis MinuteHound Himself, me clan, ta tell ya of me worth;
A pot o’ gold I’ll save ya, aye, from the moment of me birth!
Just use me fer a month you’ll see
The ease of all I have,
Me fingerprinting scans are sure ta trim your payroll from its girth!

Come one an’ all if ya like ta rid your business of the curse
Of timeclock blights a century old that could hardly be much worse!
No buddy punch or late from lunch
Without a full alert,
You’ll dance a jig an’ slam the door of your timeclock in the hearse!

Now saints be praised this Irish Day an’ welcome me as new;
No snakes ’bout me, St. Patty, sir, I’m as trusty as Irish Stew!
Put me ta work, I am no jerk,
I’m a mighty deal indeed;
No blarney stone ta twist an’ turn, me glory comes ta you!

Green beer, red hair, it matters not if you love lamb or beans;
Top o’ the marnin’ is how you’ll feel each day with what this means!
Just call me now, I’m waitin’ here
With fine customer support;
Say a blessed leprechaun sent o’er the word,
An’ these countless MinuteHound benefits
you’re just smartin’ ta glean!

Call (800) 351-7237 MinuteHound today!
MinuteHound Wishes all of you a Very Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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  1. Great limerick,
    MinuteHound is great for any business with employees.
    Happy Saint Patrick’s day!

  2. Very creative, James!
    I’m often impressed with the serious effort you put into your articles.
    Keep it up.

  3. this was a great blog keep it up!

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