Time Theft Well Intentioned Thieves

Time Theft and Well Intentioned Thieves

Time Theft at work is a real issue. There are many synonyms for the word “thief”. Embezzler, swindler, criminal, villain and kleptomaniac are just a few of the words that come to mind. With all of these negative adjectives, you may never have considered that some of the most common thieves are people you know and trust. These people are your employees. The MinuteHound Time Clock ends Time Theft…

Time Theft and an Old Saying

Truth exists in the old saying, “an employee is one who comes to work late, leaves early, and steals while they are there.” Unfortunately, managers and owners often don’t realize that these employees are actually well-intentioned; too often, it is the owner who fosters the environment of theft.

What exactly is Time Theft?

The clearest example is time theft. This can occur when employees clock in for their friends (known as buddy punching) or falsify their own time cards in order to make it look as if they are keeping to their work schedules. These employees often do this not because they want to be paid for time they did not work, rather, they do it because they don’t want management to know that schedules are not being adhered to. Business owners feed this problem by basing bonuses on proper attendance, thereby giving the employee incentive to steal time, or by basing managers’ bonuses on employee attendance, which in turn has the potential effect of causing the managers to place undue pressure on employees. To calculate how much your business is losing due to time theft visit this calculator.

Time Theft Thief
Time Theft Thief Example

How exactly Can I Stop Time Theft?

The MinuteHound Biometric Time Clock eliminates all of these problems by requiring employees to place their finger on a finger print scanner. Since there is absolutely no way these attendance records can be falsified, these well-intentioned thieves can no loner practice time theft and steal company time.

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