Time Tracking Software: Attendance System That Uses Fingerprints

Time And Attendance Tools: Time Tracking Software For Employees

Every business out there needs some sort of time and attendance system. Employees do not work for free, and as an owner and/or manager time is money. If your employees show up late, try to leave early, or somehow fudge the numbers then there needs to be a way to hold these employees accountable. Now there is. Time tracking software from MinuteHound is a full and foolproof solution for your business. It is modern technology at it’s finest. Not only does time tracking software serve as your time and attendance system, but it provides valuable tools and resources to better your business.

Friends at work cover for one another, and it happens in every business. The only way to stop that is to make employees verify their attendance. Time tracking software will install on any PC and requires no pins, passwords, badges, or paper. Your employees will only need their finger. That’s right, time tracking software from MinuteHound is cutting edge biometric technology. Your staff shows up, takes breaks, and leave work all by placing their finger on the scanner. The scanner is a one time fee of $99.95. You pay for it once, and never again. It is backed for life, so you never have to worry about it not working. If you ever want to return it, just mail it back for a full refund of the scanner price! You have nothing to lose.

Time Tracking Software Is Easy To Use And Easy To Install

Installing, setting up, and enrolling employees using time tracking software is quick and simple. There is no training required and no down time necessary. All you need to do is setup an account with MinuteHound. The scanner will be mailed to you and within 2-3 days time it will be at your door. You will receive an e-mail including the 4 step-by-step instructions to get MinuteHound up and running. The time tracking software will be installed, and the transformation begins. Now, mistakes are gone and buddy punching is over. Welcome to smart business. Time tracking software is your surefire way to save time and money.

Time Tracking Software Uses 128-Bit EncryptionWhen your staff shows up to work and clocks-in or out, this time is recorded live. From any internet connection, you will have access to all of your important records. Even from your mobile device, you will be able to see, from anywhere, who is on the clock and what time they started. Time tracking software also has the ability to send you emails and text messages. If your away from your business, have no worries! If any of your employees show up late or leave early, you will be sent a text message and/or an email letting you know. Let MinuteHound do the “hounding” for you! Time tracking software upgrades your business with modern technology that does the heavy lifting for you.

Time Tracking Software From MinuteHound Includes Unique Benefits

There is no other time tracking software like MinuteHound. When your employees place their finger on the scanner, all prints are immediately broken down into a set of binary numbers. This is a unique process only to MinuteHound. All information is safe and private and never at risk. All data transfers use 128-bit encryption. Even though you have 24/7 access to your information, it is 100% safe and secure. Time tracking software uses the power of the cloud, meaning nothing is ever stored on your PC. Theft, fire, smoke, water, and any other type of damage would never harm your MinuteHound data. It is stored offsite at remote servers.

Time tracking software from MinuteHound means your success. MinuteHound is not a machine or some type of product you buy off a shelf. When you decide to upgrade your business and change the way you manage your staff, you get a full team of professionals standing by you. Time tracking software includes lifetime updates and round the clock support. You can always call or email to get your questions answered. The price points are the best you will find. At $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location, they system will pay for itself. Try time tracking software today and use all of the benefits of MinuteHound to your advantage.

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