Office Technology: Stop Time Theft And Buddy Punching With Biometrics

Time Theft: How To Stop Payroll Fraud And Buddy Punching

Do your employees ever “forget” to clock-in and out of work? Does that 30 minute lunch break usually last about 45 minutes or longer? How about showing up late or leaving early but yet your still paying them as if they showed up on time? The average employee steals 54 minutes out of an 8 hour work day, everyday. Time theft plagues all businesses, large or small. In both blue and white collar work environments, time theft costs all employers money. Even if your employees make honest mistakes, it is an extra cost to you that can easily be avoided. Time theft is a major problem, however, it is one of the easiest to fix. Employee accountability and verification ensures that all staff members are held to the same high standard. By using biometrics, you can eliminate time theft, mistakes, and your reports are always accurate.

Your employees might bot be stealing the office supplies, but time theft costs you just the same. If your currently using time cards, sheets, pins, passwords, punch cards or badges; then your losing money. Plain and simple and that is a fact. None of these old and outdated methods account for time theft. Pins, passwords and badges can all be shared with friends at work. Time cards and sheets can be filled out later, and fudging numbers is easy to do. Biometrics on the other hand stop time theft cold. Fingerprints cannot be shared. Fingerprints cannot be forgotten or left at home either. Time theft is over, and your bottom-line increases.

How To Avoid Time Theft Modern Office Technology

As a manager or business owner, you have a long list of duties and responsibility, and should not have to track down employees to verify hours as part of your routine. Let technology do the heavy lifting and hounding for you! Time theft is eliminated with MinuteHound through text and e-mail alerts. If your employees ever show up late or try to leave early, then MinuteHound will send you an alert letting you know. Even if your employees “forget” to clock in or out, a message will be sent. Time theft is over, and you sleep better.

Stop Employee Time Theft With MinuteHoundUsing biometrics in your business has numerous advantages. In addition to ending time theft, you also gain the ability to hold employees accountable for their actions. MinuteHound will provide you with detailed time and attendance reports. Accuracy is guaranteed, and within a few clicks you can bring up an employees entire work history if you ever need too. You will now have MinuteHound on your side with any type of dispute with employees over their time.

Time Theft Over. Expenses Down

By eliminating time theft from your office and workplace, you put your money back in your pocket. In addition, MinuteHound is completely green. You save money in multiple ways. Payroll will also become a breeze. Right away you will save an estimated 2-8% off of your payroll costs. MinuteHound is also risk free, so you now have nothing to lose! You will end time theft, save more money, and gain an advantage by using modern technology in your workplace. Upgrade your business today!

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