The Benefits of Fingerprint Clocking In and Out with MinuteHound

Eliminating Time Theft and Costly Time Clocks with fingerprint or FaceDetect Technology

Are you still using outdated time clocks that make it easy for employees to steal time from your company? Punching a time clock can create real problems within your company, and the cost of time clock paper and maintenance can quickly add up. However, with the latest state-of-the-art technology available from MinuteHound, you can eliminate these problems and upgrade your time-tracking system to biometric fingerprint or FaceDetect technology.

The Problems with Punching a Time Clock

Punching a time clock in and out on a regular basis can be a real hassle and create problems within your company. The most common and problematic issue is time theft, where employees ask their colleagues to punch the time clock for them, allowing them to leave work early or arrive late without you ever knowing. This can add up to significant financial losses for your company.

In addition, using traditional time clocks requires investing in materials such as time clock paper and maintenance, which can be costly in the long run. That’s why it’s time to upgrade to MinuteHound’s state-of-the-art technology that eliminates these issues and saves you time and money.

The MinuteHound Difference

With MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint or FaceDetect technology, you can say goodbye to punching a time clock and instead use your own fingerprint or Face to clock in and out of the system. This technology eliminates time theft as the employee must use their own fingerprint or Face each time they arrive at or leave the work facility.

MinuteHound’s cloud-based system also makes it simple to access live time clock reporting from anywhere with an internet connection. You can be notified by text message or email alerts when an employee arrives late to work or doesn’t show up for their shift. The system is easy to use and available in a plug-and-play format, ready to work upon installation.

Easy to Use and Secure

MinuteHound is easy to use, even for those who are technology challenged. No training or guidance is needed to use the software. Additionally, round-the-clock support is available for clients who experience any questions or concerns regarding their MinuteHound software.

The software is also 100% secure, ensuring that your employees’ information is protected. With MinuteHound, you’ll never have to worry about time cards or punching a time clock again. The software eliminates time theft, saves you money, and provides you with peace of mind.

Try MinuteHound Risk-Free

Are you ready to upgrade your time-tracking system to the latest technology? Try MinuteHound risk-free today with absolutely no obligation and see what your company has been missing out on. With MinuteHound, you can eliminate time theft, reduce costs, and save time while ensuring your employees’ information is protected.

In conclusion, using outdated time clocks can create problems within your company, including time theft and costly maintenance. Upgrading to biometric fingerprint or FaceDetect technology with MinuteHound can eliminate these issues and provide you with a secure and easy-to-use time-tracking system. So why wait? Try MinuteHound today and take the first step toward a better time-tracking system for your business.

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