USB Biometric Fingerprint Reader | Is It The Future?

USB Biometric Fingerprint Reader

In a business world where you are only as good as your next profit, you have to be looking for ways to improve the success, efficiency and productivity of your company. Some owners try to do that by cutting the work force or paying employees less. But those measures don’t improve work culture or your company’s reputation. What many business owners don’t realize is that you can increase the efficiency of your company and turn more profit simply by conducting an audit of your employee attendance reporting system.

Fraud elimination

Timecard fraud is one of the most counter-productive things going on in business today. If your employees are not reporting accurate time, then you are paying them for hours that they have not worked. More money is flowing out of your business, and that is money that your business can use for other critical needs.
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Increase efficiency

If you are in search of a way to increase the efficiency of your company, then try MinuteHound’s USB Biometric Fingerprint Reader. Our usb biometric fingerprint reader uses 128-bit encryption, ensuring that your employee data will be safe and secure. We also eliminate the need for you to be on site to monitor employee attendance. Our usb biometric fingerprint reader transfers employee data in real time to a Cloud-based server. You can work from home and monitor employee attendance. Our usb biometric fingerprint reader is so easy to use, that your employees will not struggle with the transition from a time-card punch machine or a radio frequency identification system. Here is how it works:

Employees report to work and swipe their finger in the reader. Each employee has a unique fingerprint, so you can rest knowing that no timecard fraud is occurring. You will get the exact time the employee reported to work and the exact time he or she left. If there are any changes, you get alerted immediately via email or text message. There isn’t any room for writing down more hours than one actually worked, and you will pay your employees for the exact hours they worked every time.

Try it now!

Try out the MinuteHound usb biometric fingerprint reader today and watch your business improve in the short time it takes to load the software! Access all the benefits of the usb biometric fingerprint reader while also getting all of your questions answered by our team of expert representatives any time of the day. Plus, we offer a money back guarantee on the MinuteHound usb biometric fingerprint reader! No matter where you are in the world, if you have a question, you can get it answered. Get ready to improve your workplace productivity! Try our usb biometric fingerprint reader, and know exactly what your employees are doing!
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