If You Have Used Time Clocks Before, MinuteHound Is A Dream Come True

Issues Reported By Anyone Who’s Used Time Clocks Before

Some companies have used time clocks for upwards of 50 years. It’s almost become something of a tradition. Unfortunately, as anyone who’s used time clocks can tell you, it’s a tradition with issues. One of the biggest issues reported by people who have used time clocks is the cards themselves. Between the cards getting lost or damaged, you can have quite a headache. It’s not something you’d think about if you’ve never used time clocks before but it’s a real problem. The solution, therefore, is something that can’t be lost or damaged. That’s why MinuteHound is the perfect system for any company that has ever used time clocks.

MinuteHound uses a biometric finger pad for clocking in, as opposed to time cards, eliminating the chance of cards getting lost or damaged. While these pads are very sophisticated, they’re also easy to use. Most employees that have used time clocks will actually find it even easier. No fumbling around for your card is always a good thing, after all, and simply having to press your finger to a pad means you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything at home. For this reason alone, MinuteHound is capable of saving companies money. Not having to pay for new cards can save a surprising amount of money on its own. Luckily, that is nowhere near the only benefit of using MinuteHound.

If You Have Used Time Clocks Before, MinuteHound Is A Dream Come True

If you have used time clocks before, you already know the hassles involved. A true benefit of using MinuteHound is its security and ease of use for managers and the like. It can securely store your payroll information – hours worked, schedules, etc. – offsite. This means that, even if your onsite computers have a problem, you don’t have to worry about losing your payroll data. It also means that you can access this data from wherever you happen to be.

Connect From Anywhere With MinuteHoundNo matter where in the world you are, you can quickly and easily check to see if anyone’s been approaching overtime, made a habit of coming in late, or anything else. Anyone who’s used time clocks will find this a welcome benefit, given what a pain it is to do manually.

The last thing you should consider is possibly the most important. With most systems, especially any that used time clocks, if you want to know who’s working at any given time you have to call and ask. This can be relatively simple or an enormous hassle, depending on how large the area your employees work in is. With MinuteHound, however, you can check, in real time, whenever you want. You can log in, just like you do to check payroll information, and see who’s on, when their shift ends, and any number of other things. With these three benefits, and many more besides, there’s no reason not to switch to MinuteHound as soon as possible.

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