Biometric Showdown: Face Recognition Time Clock Vs. Fingerprinting

MinuteHound vs. Face Recognition Time Clock

When trying to improve your business and save more, upgrading your time and attendance system is a solid decision. They come in many forms, but regardless of which you choose, make sure you pick one with biometrics. The most common is fingerprints and a face recognition time clock. Fingerprint identification has been around the longest, and is the most popular and preferred among many businesses. Which one is best for your business depends on many variables. However, since it’s time to start choosing a better clock in system, you’re torn between MinuteHound and a face recognition time clock. Why should you choose MinuteHound?

First of all, MinuteHound is quick. It generally takes more time for a system to recognize a person’s face than it does for the MinuteHound scanner to note an employee’s fingerprints. As a result, a face recognition time clock might cause lines to form at the beginning of the workday. Productivity can decrease as a result of such a tool. A face recognition time clock in most cases is not practical. Where would you place it? Would customers see it? Would your employees like it? By using fingerprints, it’s convenient, out of sight, and easier to use and setup.

Why A Face Recognition Time Clock Is 2nd Best To Fingerprints

Furthermore, a face recognition time clock may not be as accurate as the MinuteHound fingerprint scanning system. The way a person’s face looks can vary slightly depending upon makeup, scars and other factors. The system could skew the images. People might find ways around a certain face recognition time clock as well. What happens if one employee flashes a photo of his friend at the clock? With MinuteHound, the only way to clock in or out for employees to swipe their unique fingerprints.

The Power of Fingerprint Saves you MoneyEmployees might be worried about security when it comes to MinuteHound. However, with the use of 128-bit encryption, they have nothing about which to worry. Can a face recognition time clock promise the same security to your employees? Well, some of them might. However, on other devices, the face recognition time clock might store pictures of the employees. If anyone ever got their hands on the workplace device, he or she could have photo copies of all of you employees. No one in the office is going to be too happy about that matter.

Face Recognition Time Clock Is Not Accurate Or Convenient

While you want to ensure that your employees are coming into work and leaving work when they are living, a face recognition time clock might feel a bit too babyish for a professional environment. Employees are likely going to have to sit in front of a screen at the beginning and end of each day, and they might feel embarrassed when they have to do so. It’s hard to accomplish this type of clock-in with discretion. Fortunately, MinuteHound offers a way in which employees can clock-in and out without feeling as though they are being treated like first graders.

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