Why Should A Business Use a Biometric Scanner?

Benefits of Biometrics

When does technology work for you? Whether it provides directions so you don’t get lost, turns off lights when you’re not home, or simply keeps employees honest while the boss is away are example of beneficial technology. Using a biometric scanner at your place of work is pretty much a no-brainer. The reason being is that employees have no way to cheat or steal time. Even if you have an honest employee, they make mistakes. A biometric scanner is a device that allows employees to record their time by pressing their finger down. No pens or paper needed, its all electronic and accurate.

The Biometric Scanner in Action

When running a business you have to abide local, state, and federal laws regarding employees and staff. Each and every company regardless of size has to have legal documentation outlining how and when employees were paid. Overtime and holidays and other various rules always apply to payroll. MinuteHound has it covered and it all starts with a biometric scanner. Once employees start to use, the data is transferred to the cloud where managers can login, at anytime, and create reports. Can do all the editing from any browser then download and submit reports. The biometric scanner makes time and attendance so easier, and payroll cheaper. Costs go down and savings go up.

Price and Usage of a Biometric Scanner

MinuteHound sells each biometric scanner for a very low price of $99.95, which includes a lifetime money back guarantee! That is right, no worries about broken or faulty equipment, as it is covered. Each biometric scanner is built to last and ultra reliable. They plug into any PC and the software takes minutes to install and start using. From the very first day, you will notice a huge difference with your staff as no more cheating is allowed. The biometric scanner solves everyday common problems from the start.

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
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MinuteHound Biometric Scanner.

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