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Payroll is one of the largest expenditures of any business. Their success or failure often depends on controlling the amount that is paid out each month. Fraudulent employee time theft wastes time and money. Thanks to MinuteHound time clock software, this problem can be handled in a way that benefits employees and management.

Companies often rate success based on their productivity. For a business to be productive, the employees need to use a time clock software program. This is where MinuteHound comes to the rescue with their time and attendance system. MinuteHound uses a patented fingerprint technology as part of their time clock software. This only requires a quick scan of the employee’s fingerprint for identification purposes when clocking-in and out. The fingerprint recognition program then turns this image into an encrypted number.

Time Clock Software is Employee Security

Employees are confident that their private information is secure with MinuteHound. The 128-bit fragmented number is stored in secured servers that are located in several different areas around the world. The privacy of each person is paramount. The future arrived when MinuteHound released its fingerprint recognition program to businesses. Any size company can benefit from using this specialized time clock software. Wasted time costs businesses money.

Easy To Use Software & Live SupportReports using the MinuteHound time clock software program are generated in real time. They can then be accessed from any computer via the internet. Managers can observe the comings and goings of the employees from remote locations. The real time concept that the time clock software offers saves money. Payroll process is quick and easy because all the information is in one location. The reports can be accessed 24 hours a day.

Time Clock Software is Risk Free!

MinuteHound offers a 100% money back guarantee on all of their scanners. They mail out each one within just a couple of days. This is a risk free investment that will show a financial savings over a short period of time. The MinuteHound time clock software is basically plug and go. The USB scanner connects to the computer and the software is then downloaded for a quick start. Employee fingerprints and names are added for identification purposes.

There is no training required and the operation costs of the time clock software is just pennies a day. Any updates on the system are done free of charge. MinuteHound has changed the way businesses handle employee time.

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