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Does A Fingerprint Scanner Work Well ...

Does A Fingerprint Scanner Work Well For A Dentist Office?

Use A Fingerprint Scanner To Clean Up a Dentist Office’s Payroll A dentist’s office has a number of hourly employees. Each worker uses a method of timekeeping to ensure proper tracking of working hours. This can be a paper punch card or an online service with unique logins. Each employee must clock in and out […]

Is a Fingerprint Time Clock Worth The...

Is a Fingerprint Time Clock Worth The Time and Money?

Is There Value In A Fingerprint Time Clock? Time clocks are the way in which hourly employees are compensated for the work that they do. It is the only way that a company can tell who has worked and for how long. The question for business owners is how much should they spend on a […]

The Perfect Low Cost Employee Time Cl...

The Perfect Low Cost Employee Time Clock For Your Business

Eliminate Time Theft with the MinuteHound Employee Time Clock Time theft is a bigger problem than many people realize. One study from Software Review found that as much as 43 percent of employees have committed time theft in one form or another. Another study from ePay Systems has found that companies lose over $400 billion […]

Why A Fingerprint Time Clock Is A Mus...

Why A Fingerprint Time Clock Is A Must Have for Business Owners

What The Fingerprint Time Clock Will Do Every business already has some type of time and attendance system already in place. Whether it is the standard paper time sheets or punch cards, chances are employees are stealing time every single day. Padding hours is common practice in just about every single company. No matter the […]

A Fingerprint Time Clock That Will Sa...

A Fingerprint Time Clock That Will Save Money and Stop Fraud

The Best Time Clock Solution Available One thing that a lot of business owners do not necessarily give a lot of thought to is their time clock management system. It is assumed by some that as long as employees show up and work then everything is okay. However, this is simply not the case in […]

Fingerprint Time Clock: Utilizing Tec...

Fingerprint Time Clock: Utilizing Technology to Increase Production, Reduce Turnover, and Lower Employment Costs

Grow Strong with MinuteHound MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock system helps businesses improve production, reduce turnover, and lower employment costs. Real time reporting software allows management to stay informed about business matters even when they are out of the office. Learn more about MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock system to discover how it can increase your production […]

What Does a Fingerprint Time Clock Do...

What Does a Fingerprint Time Clock Do for Business?

How Does it Work? The fingerprint time clock from MinuteHound is a true benefit for any organization. Employees can no longer cheat or steal time. One of the most costly expense for any company is that of labor. Using a fingerprint time clock will eliminate the need for extra HR or managers in order to […]

Employee Payroll Support : The Finger...

Employee Payroll Support : The Fingerprint Time Clock Attendance Tracking

Introducing the MinuteHound Fingerprint Time Clock! The time clock has remained largely unchanged since its introduction in 1888, when a jeweler named Willard Bundy created the device. Willard Bundy’s time clock worked on a very simple principle. His employees would insert a heavy paper card into a punch slot. The clock would then stamp the […]

Fingerprint Time Clock – Time a...

Fingerprint Time Clock – Time and Attendance for the Workplace

About the MinuteHound Fingerprint Time Clock In 1888, Willard Bundy became a corporate visionary by inventing the mechanical time clock, also known in some countries as the Bundy clock. His device used heavy paper punch cards that were inserted into a slot so the device could stamp the card with the time and date of […]

Fingerprint Time Clock for 2017

Fingerprint Time Clock for 2017

Abe Knew What He Was Talking About Abe Lincoln couldn’t have said it better than when he said, “Let the angels of our better nature prevail.” Even though most people are honest, specific situations may cause that certain someone’s honesty to go MIA and permit the angel of their better nature to falter. And although […]