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Will A Fingerprint Time Clock Help Me...

Will A Fingerprint Time Clock Help Me Save Money on Payroll?

Fingerprint Time Clock Benefits and Advantages As you know, one way to increase the profitability of your company is to cut expenses wherever you can. That’s not always an easy task, but modern technology can reduce some of the high costs associated with operating your business. You may have already heard about fingerprint time clock […]

System Where Employees Can View Their...

System Where Employees Can View Their Online Timecards

Online Time cards Helps Companies Improve Productivity The use of technology has dramatically enhanced how modern workplaces are run. Technology has been able to improve both productivity and efficiency in management significantly. A major milestone in this field is the use of online timecards which has made the issue of personnel work attendance a breeze. […]

Can Employees Be Held Accountable For...

Can Employees Be Held Accountable For Stealing Time?

How You Can Stop Employees From Stealing Time Employees have a habit of ensuring their paychecks are never short. Even if they take a longer break, don’t show up on time, or have to leave early they always manage to get a full paycheck. This is stealing time! It is very easy for them to […]

What Is The Best Time Clock?

What Is The Best Time Clock?

MinuteHound! World’s Best Time Clock An employee time clock is normally used to track hours and calculate pay. The first time clock was a design that only checked employee’s times. MinuteHound has changed the way businesses operate with their system that takes the time clock to a whole new level. MinuteHound knows that one of […]

Stop Buddy Punching at The Workplace

Stop Buddy Punching at The Workplace

The Problems that Buddy Punching Causes for a Business Businesses all around the world are dealing with a threat to their profits. Making matters worse, this threat is actually a form of fraud that your employees might be doing right now. When employees engage in buddy punching, they might not realize the drastic amount of […]

Stop Time Fraud. Stop Time Theft. Sav...

Stop Time Fraud. Stop Time Theft. Save More Every Pay Period

Are Your Employees Stealing Time from You? Whether you have a small or large company, chances are your employees are committing time fraud. Time fraud typically happens when a system is in place that allows it, such as paper time sheets or punch/swipe cards. Even an updated system that allows employees to login to record […]

Time Clock Software Will Save You Mon...

Time Clock Software Will Save You Money

MinuteHound Saves Businesses Money Businesses around the world struggle each day with employee attendance and time management solutions. MinuteHound has created a patented program that solves this problem. Their cloud based fingerprinting time clock software identifies the employee. This biometric technology was designed to put the information and control back in to the hands of […]

Employee Time Tracking and Payroll As...

Employee Time Tracking and Payroll Assistance

The Alternative to the Traditional Time Clock is Finally Here! With traditional time clocks, employee time tracking was a painstaking process. Payroll departments spent hours going through employee time cards. Not all time cards were completely accurate, so they also had to report any inconsistencies they found. Then you had technical problems with the time […]

How To Use Biometric Time Recording t...

How To Use Biometric Time Recording to Save Money

Timecards made simple with biometric time recording In an era of technology, why stay in the stone ages when it comes to employee timecards? MinuteHound makes timecards a thing of the past. Instead, a biometric time recording system that makes the whole process easy for employees and employers. Using a simple fingerprint scanner, employee fingerprints […]

Time Clock Fingerprint – Saving...

Time Clock Fingerprint – Saving Money Every Day!

The Time Clock Fingerprint System Ever wished that you could keep your employees honest in the workplace? If you are like most business owners, that has always been a long-term goal, but the problem with obsolete time cards is that you make it easy for buddy punching to happen. With the time clock fingerprint technology […]