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When Using Minute Hound Consider Your Employees Time Tracked!

MinuteHound recognizes that business owners have many tasks to manage. The goal of MinuteHound is to ensure the daily management of employees operates easily. It offers time tracking technology originally created for military facilities. The software is secure, eliminates fraud, convenient and saves money. You can be confident that the time tracked is accurate and there will be real time access.

The security of MinuteHound’s time and attendance software is ensured by how the information is processed. Fingerprints are converted into binary strands of numbers. Instantly, the numbers are channeled across the web and recorded at a distant remote server location. Any potential privacy problems are removed by its patented encryption method. Fingerprints are not saved in this process.

A second option that uses no fingerprints is cloud based. Time tracked using this method does not require a scanner for fingerprints. Employees can login to record their time by using any PC, Mac, iPad or smartphone. IP addresses are recorded and timestamped each time the employee signs in. Time tracked this way ensures the employer that the employee is at work and not in another location.

Time Tracked is Money Saved

Time tracked with MinuteHound can be viewed any time convenient for you. 100% Secure Cloud Based Time Clock SoftwareMinuteHound’s reporting system and alerts give you the chance to fix ineffective time use. Managers can access this too. If employees enter the time tracked system earlier or later than scheduled it is known immediately. American businesses lose over $140 billion a year. The money lost by these companies are caused by ineffective uses of time. Inaccurate work attendance information can cause problems,too. Time tracked with our software will help your company save thousands of dollars a year per employee.

MinuteHound software is quick and easy to setup. First, install MinuteHound software. Next, plug in your scanner if you chose the fingerprint option. Finally, you can begin enrolling your employees. It takes only one to two minutes to enroll an employee. The software can support over 40,000 employees. Software by MinuteHound supports the environment by being paperless.

If you have any problems using MinuteHound software a support team is available around the clock. MinuteHound offers a 100% money back guarantee. You are welcome to return the scanner or cancel service at any time for any reason.

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