Solve Time and Attendance Problems and Stop Buddy Punching

Buddy Punching is A Problem. MinuteHound is The Solution

Every employee in the world has 1 trait in common: they like full paychecks! Not many employees will shortchange themselves. They work hard right, so even if they are 15 minutes late or need to leave early once in awhile, they will make sure they get paid as if they worked a full shift. This is a problem in every company on the planet. The way organizations are stopping this problem is with Biometric technology. MinuteHound makes each and every employee press their finger down to the scanner and verify their attendance before any time is recorded. This instantly and 100% effectively stops buddy punching. Friends cannot cover for each other and time theft is over. No more padded paychecks. Buddy punching stops the moment MinuteHound is installed.

Typically at any given worksite there are “clicks” among the employees. Some get along better than others and they will even help one another by writing in their times, swiping a punch card, or simply signing them in. Buddy punching happens everywhere all the time on every shift. Luckily for you, MinuteHound works 24/7 with no breaks required! Just plug the scanner into any PC or laptop you have, and let it go to work. Employees have to be physically present in order to get paid. There is no other way for them to record their time without pressing their finger down. This saves money every shift every day.

Put An End to Buddy Punching

Time and attendance is a staple of any business. Staff need a way to record their time, and employers need a way to accurately pay them. MinuteHound does exactly that. With a small device you can eliminate all forms of fraud and human error. Then, login into MinuteHound to edit and download all reports. Payroll becomes a breeze and reports are kept on file for years if you ever need to access them. Easily remove and add employees while setting up alerts. Start today!

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Stops Buddy Punching.

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