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How To Stop Payroll Fraud and Reduce ...

How To Stop Payroll Fraud and Reduce Payroll Expenses

Stop Payroll Fraud. Save Money. Payroll fraud should not be an expense for you. Eliminate it with the MinuteHound Time and Attendance System. It saves you money. Your employees must be an asset. Remove payroll fraud as a liability on your books. Boost your company’s bottom line. Payroll fraud amounts to nearly $50 billion dollars […]

Why Does Time and Attendance Matter? ...

Why Does Time and Attendance Matter? Is Payroll All The Same?

Various Time and Attendance Options Shopping online for a new time and attendance system can seem daunting. It is like picking out a new car as so many brands, options, and features to choose from. However, biometric time and attendance is what stands out. It is the Porsche of time and attendance systems. Every big […]

Simple Attendance Software for Busine...

Simple Attendance Software for Business | Easy to Use

Simple Attendance Software Made Easy Employees who are often absent may be dissatisfied with the job. They may be experiencing some sort of personal issue that may be affecting their ability to meet their work obligations. Whatever the reason for chronic absenteeism, employees who are frequently absent often affect the company in many ways. Absenteeism […]

Small Business Audit: Why Time and At...

Small Business Audit: Why Time and Attendance Reports are Vital

Time and Attendance Audits Time and attendance tracking may be time consuming for most businesses, but it is necessary to have a reliable tracking system in place for the purpose of monitoring personnel. Both productivity and labor costs are tied to the ability to accurately track this information. Forecasting labor requirements is that much easier […]

The Biometric Time Clock That Never S...

The Biometric Time Clock That Never Stops Ticking!

Why Is A Biometric Time Clock So Important Time and attendance is vital to every and all operations. Whether you have 3 employees or 3 dozen, being able to accurately record their time is essential. For starters, you have to pay them. No one works for free. Also, you have to stay in business and […]

Biometric Time Clock – Reduce E...

Biometric Time Clock – Reduce Expenses and Stop Time Theft

Why Use a Biometric Time Clock Using a biometric time clock should be common sense to most. It lowers costs, controls out of control spending, holds employees accountable, and so much more. All for just $1.00 per month. MinuteHound’s biometric time clock is not only tracking the time of the employees worked, it also verifies […]

Employee Time and Attendance Tracking

Employee Time and Attendance Tracking

Time Flies with MinuteHound Starting and ending the work day is easier than ever before. This is due to the time and attendance technology of MinuteHound. Clocking in by using a simple fingerprint scan benefits both the employer and employees. Time flies but MinuteHound can help keep it under control. Finger Scanning The biometric time […]

How Can I Stop My Employees From Budd...

How Can I Stop My Employees From Buddy Punching?

Prevent Buddy Punching At Your Job “Buddy punching” might sound like a playful act between friends. However, in the workplace, it can be a serious problem. It occurs when employees ask one another to clock them in or out so that they aren’t penalized for arriving late or leaving early. It might seem innocuous, but […]

Why Every Retail Location Needs Minut...

Why Every Retail Location Needs MinuteHound’s Time Clock Lock

How The Time Clock Lock Benefits Retail Locations Each and every retail outlet has specific store hours. Employees must be present during these times to perform their desired job functions. The problem most managers have is employees either show up too early, not at all, or hand around late to pad their hours. MinuteHound solves […]

Effective Use of an Office Time Clock

Effective Use of an Office Time Clock

A Time Clock That Anyone Can Be Trained To Use Any human resources professional will tell you that training new people is one of the most expensive and time consuming processes that companies have to deal with. A brand new person who is learning all of the processes that a company has in operation at […]