Can Time and Attendance Control Buddy Punching?

End Buddy Punching With Biometric Time and Attendance

Employees will never opt-in to a small paycheck. Who would! That is why when it comes to recording their time and attendance, employees need to have less control over what they write down on a piece of paper. Every small to large company realizes employees don’t actually work full 8 hour days. In fact, the average employee steals 54 minutes of time per 8 hour shift! However, how many of them actually remove that time from their paycheck? This costs businesses a ton of money. Too much to not take a serious look at stopping and finding a better way.

Time and attendance is crucial regardless of what your industry or niche is. Every employee has to work and every employer has to pay them, pay taxes, etc. Business owners need to have accurate time reports for all their staff not only to not overpay, but for legal reasons as well. Buddy punching is a huge problem for every business but luckily can be controlled with MinuteHound’s time and attendance solution.

Time and Attendance Tools For Managers

Employee Scheduling Software w/ AlertsNot only does MinuteHound control employees from stealing time, it comes with a boatload of tools. You can run payroll reports and edit them in any browser. It is completely cloud based so you can do this at work, at home, or from anywhere! MinuteHound allows you to analyze reports to understand your staffing situation in real time. You can receive alerts, text messages, whenever someone arrives late or doesn’t arrive at all. If an employees tries to leave early, nope! MinuteHound sends you a quick message and lets you know.

How more advanced can it get? How about creating your own custom report for any payroll platform on the planet! You can re-arrange columns, add them, remove them, sort, etc. All from a browser. So any tablet or device becomes your work station. Time and attendance is now becoming such a cornerstone of an employers life it needs to have the same access as every other must have. It will decrease spending while at the same promote a healthy work environment. There is no better time than now in order to get this time and attendance system off the ground and in your office. Start saving from day one. Contact MinuteHound now.

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