Modern Technology for Modern Business 2019

Modern Business 2019: Are You Above or Below Standard?

Technology changes fast! It is almost every week a new update is available for an app you just got used too. Phones are becoming an essential part of life. Tablets are now becoming folding phones and cars will soon fly (according to Uber). What does this all mean for your business? That if you are not utilizing technology to your business advantage, your competitors are. Just about every cell phone and tablet now comes with a fingerprint sensor to unlock your device. Samsung just released their new Galaxy phone that features an ultrasonic sensor to unlock the device. Imagine what advanced technology can do for your business!

It is hard to imagine a business, of any kind in any industry that didn’t rely on technology for multiple aspects of their company. Whether it is landscaping or sitting behind a computer people just about everywhere are connected online. In business 2019 you need to focus on this type of technology for both internal and external operations. Employees have one universal common thread: they don’t work for free! No one does right. That is why MinuteHound exists. To track every single minute they actually work. No more relying on pen and paper or some other outdated expired method. Business 2019 requires a new, more simplified, and way more effective.

The Standards of Business 2019

Internet Based Time TrackingThat is a great question; what are the standards of business 2019? Does each industry and niche have their own standards? Their own set of rules? Possibly, but not internally. Each and every single business has the responsibility to properly pay their employees and all local, state, and federal taxes. This is something everyone has to do regardless of size or location. That is why MinuteHound is the leader in biometric time recognition. The technology not only tracks employee time and attendance but automatically calculates reports. All the employer has to do is login, check the reports and add any type of paid time off, vacation, lunch breaks, sick time, etc. Then export and print!

In business 2019 it is not enough just to hope employees don’t steal time. Just about every employee in the world has claimed to work more than they actually did. Sneaking out 10 minutes early? Can’t be at work until 9:20? No problem, they will just have their friends clock them in and out! No big deal right? Well it is to the employer. Each and every organization has to deal with this. Time fraud is a huge deal and costs millions and millions of dollars. The only solution is a system like MinuteHound that can instantly stop this bad habit and create an work environment that is fair to all involved. No more overpaying and wondering what someone wrote down. MinuteHound will do all the heavy lifting!

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