A Fingerprint Time Clock Keeps Time Theft In Check

What to start saving money compared to overspending on employee labor costs? Well it is actually a very easy goal to accomplish! It is easy with the use of MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock. This technology instantly and forever erases all bad behavior at work and also takes away all those common human errors like bad handwriting and fudging the numbers. Employees can’t even contemplate cheating for there is no cheating this fingerprint time clock. They are either at work when they should be and clock-in or they don’t get paid. Easy right! This way every minute is accounted for. Employees will only get paid for the time they actually spend at work, not the time they jot down on a piece of paper.

Time theft, buddy punching, and stealing time is a dark plague on just about every business in America. Even fortune 100 companies have employees that claim they worked 8 hours but in reality worked about 7 or less. When you have an employee who is used to stealing time, taking that extended break, knowing the boss isn’t around, or having a friend at work cover for them is so common. This is why MinuteHound developed the fingerprint time clock. To stop this type of bad behavior that costs companies millions upon millions of dollars!

A fingerprint time clock sets up within minutes and never needs a sick day or a shift off. All this technology does is instantly stop time theft and keeps employees honest. You will have clear, detailed and automated reports at your fingertips each and every pay-week. You can even edit reports from any browser. Need time from an employee from last year? 2 years ago? No problem! Super simple and beats digging through filing cabinets. MinuteHound will simply change your business. Try it now for free!

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