The Paperless Advantage: Lower Labor Related Costs and Go Green!

The Paperless Advantage in Everyday Business

Businesses are always trying to maximize profits. That’s the goal of any for-profit organization out there, small or large. The best — perhaps the only — way to increase your profits is by cutting costs. MinuteHound has found a way to eliminate time theft, buddy punching, and human error with the paperless advantage. At the moment, most organizations are using pen and paper, passwords, punch/swipe cards to sign in and out of work.

All the sign-in sign-out systems have been found to be lacking in the sense that they are inaccurate and can be easily abused by employees. On top of that, time sheets, ink cartridges, and other materials have to be constantly replaced which can be time-consuming. MinuteHound’s paperless timeclock eliminates these issues and helps you increase Return On Investment (ROI). Get to enjoy the paperless advantage where everything is digitized.

How does it work?

The paperless timeclock lets employees press their thumb or finger on the scanner; that’s all they have to do. The data is recorded live and stored in the cloud. The biggest paperless advantage is that data on the cloud can be accessed from any location, at any time. Therefore, you don’t have to be at the office to keep track of the attendance of your employees.

The system is completely safe. Once captured by the scanner, each print is broken into a set of random numbers and store safely. There is no recording, privacy is observed. The paperless timeclock means paperless advantage; your business gets to enjoy all the advantages of not using papers in its transactions.

What Are the Benefits of Using MinuteHound’s Paperless Timeclock?

Fingerprint Clock in System

As stated earlier in the article, the goal of any business is to make profits, and there’s no better way to achieve that than by cutting costs. When you switch to MinuteHound, you get to increase your ROI by eliminating payroll fraud and time theft. That’s one very important paperless advantage, cost saving. You can use the time clock calculator to see how much your business can save.

Paperless advantage number two is the more improved and efficient way of managing your employees. Staffing issues, payroll, attendance and all other problems affecting the overall performance of your business can be addressed. Eliminate inefficiencies and save money. The last, but not least paperless advantage involves our environment, which is in a bad place right now. Go green and save the earth! There is no use of paper or cards of any kind. Additionally, going paperless will help you perform tasks more effectively.

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MinuteHound Paperless Advantage.

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