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Your employees are the most important resource that your business has. It is therefore important that you deploy this resource in the most effective manner. Time tracking helps in monitoring employee activity, adhering to legal standards, and running an efficient business. It can also help you to see if your human resource is well spread in the critical areas of your business. Traditional methods and tools used in time tracking have proved to be ineffective in time tracking. Why don’t you consider shifting to a more innovative business technology solution that will save both your time and money?

What is MinuteHound?
MinuteHound is a proprietary biometric clock which can be used for time and attendance tracking. This cloud-based business technology solution makes it possible for you to access real time data on your employee attendance. You can also access data that shows hours worked, absentees, arrival and departure times among other metrics. This business technology has a biometric clock which is activated whenever an employee’s fingerprint is scanned on arrival at work. The clock runs until such a time that the employee’s fingerprint is scanned when leaving work.

Why use MinuteHound?
Granted, there are other time tracking software options in the market. However, MinuteHound is superior to them all because it uses biometrics to identify an employee. The use of fingerprints in this business technology eliminates bad habits such as buddy punching, human error and time theft. The use of this proprietary biometric clock will stop time fraud and cheating in your firm.

Time Track on the Go
Fingerprint ClockSince this business technology is hosted in the cloud, you will be able to track time and attendance of your employees from anywhere in the world. All you need to access your system is an Internet powered device, which can be a smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other device. This business technology has two parts: (1) A personal web portal; (2) the application that is installed on your computer. Once you have logged into the system, you will be able to access and see all the data that has been recorded.

Why Choose MinuteHound?
MinuteHound provides business technology which has an online web portal that is combined with a powerful biometric clock. Take advantage of the 21-Day free trial offer of the MinuteHound biometric clock and see if it is a perfect fit for you.

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