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The Future of Biometrics has Arrived with MinuteHound

MinuteHound has introduced a new biometrics attendance clock in system that is designed to do it all! Since the start, businesses around the country have changed the way they deal with employee time records. The old fashion methods of clocking in are over, making room for today’s MinuteHound biometrics technology.

All human beings have their own distinct features. Fingerprints are unique unto themselves. This is why MinuteHound uses them for clocking in. The science of biometrics is used to prove who employees are through a quick scanning process.

The biometrics system of clocking in and out is one of the most secure methods on the market today. It protects the privacy of all employees. MinuteHound scanners transpose the fingerprint into a 128bit number that is stored in a server at a remote location. The secure number cannot be reversed. Employees can relax knowing that their privacy is protected.

Accurate Data

The data is saved and recorded in such a way that maintains accuracy. The removal of time cards ensures that all IDs are correct. It stops any fraud or buddy punching at work. All the data is stored in real time.

Managers everywhere like the real time advantages to MinuteHound. Monitoring employee’s attendance and being able to view who is working puts the control in the right place. The web based system allows supervisors to access information from any internet connected computer or device. Email alerts are available to help keep businesses advised on any current events.

Payroll information is easy to find with the biometrics attendance system. It gets rid of time cards and cuts down on processing. Having real time control of the information helps the accounting department perform their jobs well.

Going Green

Going green saves money and helps the environment. MinuteHound is proud to provide a time and attendance system that protects companies and the world they live in. Paperless is a productive way to do business.

Electronic Attendance System, time to startMinuteHound biometrics offers top of the line customer support. Upgrades to the system are part of the program. They are well known for their reliability, and the high quality scanners are made to perform. MinuteHound offers a 100% money back guarantee, which is how confident they are in their product.

Once the scanner arrives, it can be up and running quickly. MinuteHound has a fast three step setup which includes plug in the USB scanner, download the software, and enroll the employees. It really is just that simple. The time and attendance biometric system is compatible with any POS system. It is extremely affordable and easy to use. Any sized business can benefit from the MinuteHound biometric time and attendance program.

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Biometrics.

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