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The Fingerprint Clocking System is Perfection

In today’s business world, owners scramble for ways to improve efficiency and reduce expenses. One method that has a lot of practical uses is that of the fingerprint clocking system. Not everyone considers how the basic punch clock impacts the business. It’s often overlooked, but this device can change the way your business operates. Without using a fingerprint clocking system, you could be wasting money in a variety of ways.

1. Employee Honesty
Many organizations put their faith in the hands of employees when it comes to recording time. These sheets can be easily modified in many cases. This means that dishonest employees could charge the business for hours that were not worked. A fingerprint clocking system eliminates this problem. Employees will be unable to change the paperwork to add time.

2. Saving On Payroll
Many employees will round their time when they show up late on a traditional time sheet, or have a buddy clock in. The fingerprint clocking system can save a great deal of money by eliminating these factors. Employees will be paid for the exact amount of time they are on site. Five minutes may not sound like a lot of money. However, it can quickly add up over the year for someone who is always late.

3. Paperless System
Instead of worrying about paper time sheets, printer equipment and ink, a fingerprint clocking system is a device that sends data directly to the cloud. When you consider how much the organization pays per year in paper-based office supplies, a system such as this could save a lot of money. It’s also a way to promote a more “green” business platform and reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

4. Disaster Recovery
Because a fingerprint clocking system uses the cloud, there is no fear of losing data in the event of an emergency. This can help keep the business functional even after the most devastating of circumstances. When information needs to be accessed, it’s only a matter of accessing the Internet from almost any device. Things like managing payroll won’t be part of the problem even if the building is completely flooded.

5. Enhanced Clarity
With a fingerprint clocking system that reports directly to the cloud, you can easily monitor activity from almost anywhere in the world. As long as you have an active Internet connection, you can see if people are clocked in. This can be beneficial when you’re on vacation in a foreign country. The fingerprint clocking system helps reduce the “cat’s away” mentality as some staff may not show when management is off site. Keeping the company efficient and productive is vital to it’s success. Using a fingerprint clocking system may be able to contribute to keeping the doors open. Take a closer look at your organization and determine ways to reduce waste. It may be more important to the company’s survival than you might realize.

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