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What is A Web Time Clock? How Does it Work?

Employees need to record their time worked, and if they use a web time clock from MinuteHound, they can do so from anywhere! From their PC, Mac, iPad, mobile device or pretty much anywhere they can connect to the internet, they can record their time. The best part of the web time clock is that employers can track their IP address. Managers will have a history log of every punch in order to track their staff from any location. All they need is a UN/PW and access to the internet.

Once an employee is given the proper permission to clock in and out via the web time clock, they won’t have any excuse to why they could not record their time. When the login into the MinuteHound web site, they will see a big clock and a huge green button that says “Clock In”, then a red button to clock out. It can not be more easy! They will also be able to view their timecard and keep track of their own hours. This type of extra responsibility increases their awareness and makes them a better employee. They will definitely want to make sure they are getting paid correctly!

Advantages of a Web Time Clock

Using a modern web time clock is 100% paperless, which from the start saves money. No more paper/pens/pencils or manual calculations. MinuteHound does all the work, all the counting, and all the record keeping. As long as the employees are clocking in and clocking out everyday, MinuteHound does the rest. Using a web time clock is secure, fast, and keeps records of every punch. If an employee forgets to clock in or out, a manager can always make manual corrections.

The benefits of MinuteHound web time clock is visible from day one. It is only $1.00 per employee per month to use, so to have automated and accurate time sheets makes the cost well worth it. Every business owner that uses the system wonders how they got by without it!

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