Goodbye Antiques – The Modern Web Based Clock Is Here!

A Web Based Clock Eliminates Archaic Timekeeping

Modern technology has a way of replacing archaic methods of doing things. Tracking employee time for payroll is one of these. This change is a huge improvement. Antiques are beautiful to look at, but not when they’re used in today’s workplace. With MinuteHound bio-metric time clock technology using a web based clock system, tracking employee time is easy and accurate.

A web based clock for timekeeping lets managers know about schedule discrepancies. Management stays in control. When an employee leaves early, someone else can be called in. Other employees could have time extended to keep on schedule. Managers can choose to receive emails or text messages telling them about discrepancies. Information provided is always in real-time.

Newer And Faster Payroll Methods

Businesses love being on top of things technologically to keep their marketplace edge. Bio-metric time clock systems allow management constant access to crucial payroll information. Payroll can be adjusted based on sales if necessary. Changes can also be made to employee scheduling if business is slow. No more time-wasting by having employees come in to find a lack of work.

Real-time reports can be accessed letting management know exact payroll data. Data from MinuteHound is easily exported and incorporated into any accounting system used today. There are no more time cards to be reconciled and entered into a system. Companies save hours of time-consuming labor. It took extra labor to process payroll in the days of antiquated payroll processing systems, but not anymore.

Innovation is MinuteHound

Goodbye To Antiques – Hello Modern and Helpful Web Based Clock System

Some companies may remember a time when paper time cards were used. There were card holders featuring a slot for each payroll card. Some time clock systems even used special recorders with time and date stamps. Web based clock systems, paired with a bio-metric time clock let everything be done digitally. This saves time and money.

Advantages of a Web Based Clock System – The biggest advantages of a MinuteHound web based clock system are:

– Stops workplace time theft
– Keeps employees from logging each other in
– 24-hour support
– System is cloud-based to provide instant access
– No training needed to use web based clock system
– Cheaper than other payroll time tracking systems
– 128-bit encryption is used for data transfer

Employees And Employers Love Web Based Clock Systems

Employees love the accuracy of web based clock systems. There’s security in knowing that only the employee can clock in. No more worries about being shortchanged on paychecks. Employees do not have to remember employee numbers. Employers love time and money-saving features. They know it will eliminate possible cheating. Reporting is more accurate and in real-time. Having a better handle on payroll is rewarding. Satisfaction comes from knowing your company is using up-to-date technology.

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Biometric Time Clock SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Web Based Clock

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