7 Fingerprint Timeclock Advantages for Your Business

1. MinuteHound’s Fingerprint Timeclock Allows Management to Know Exactly Who is On the Job

With this efficient biometric system, management is no longer responsible for seeing that the employees clock in an out accurately. In the past, this was a difficult problem, especially in companies that were large or had multiple locations. Now, each employee must use the finger reader to clock in. The time is accurately recorded by the software.

2. The Fingerprint Timeclock Allows Employees to Have Complete Confidence that Their Hours Will be Counted
In the past, it was possible for a data entry clerk or bookkeeper to make an error when recording an employee’s hours. This concern is now completely eliminated. When an employee places his finger on the reader, he can be sure that he is clocked in. The scanner itself will turn green and their name, timestamp, and other information will be displayed on the screen. Employees can also login from any device and check their punches 24/7.

3. The Fingerprint Timeclock Reduces Bookkeeping Workload and Stress
Bookkeepers and payroll clerks are no longer responsible for entering employee hours. The hours are recorded and calculated with MinuteHounds’ Fingerprint Timeclock software. All reports are automated. Simply download and export into any payroll program for fast and accurate paydays! MinuteHound makes life easy.

4. MinuteHounds Fingerprint Timeclock Eliminates Buddy Punching and Timecard Cheating
With this system, it’s not possible for an employee to successfully claim that he/she was at work when they were not. Co-workers can no longer punch in for each other with time cards or passwords. This benefit can be a huge money-saver for any company. Now, an employee must personally place his or her finger on the fingerprint timeclock reader in order to be credited for hours worked. There is no room for disputes. The fingerprint reader proves whether or not the employee was on the job, right down to the day, hour, minute and second.

5. The Red Flag Feature is Particularly Helpful to Management

Fingerprint TimeclockThe timeclock software is programmed to know who is supposed to be at work at a particular time. If that employee does not scan in on time, an email or text message is sent to the manager. This allows management to quickly handle the situation. Without MinuteHound, managers would have to get a phone call or find out the hard way someone did not show up for work. Not anymore! The fingerprint timeclock greatly improves the efficiency of any company. This feature is also very useful to the company when determining the value of a worker. Since the data gathered by the scanner and software is accurate to the minute, an employee cannot argue that he/she is always on time when the facts indicate otherwise. A company can set a rule about tardiness and feel confident that its data will verify an employee’s attendance record. This can be a great incentive for employees to be on time for work, since it’s impossible to fool the system.

6. The Fingerprint Timeclock is Transportable
A manager or supervisor who needs to travel to various locations can still oversee the attendance and location of those who are scheduled to be at work. The cloud-based system allows access to attendance data from anywhere in the world. 24/7 from any internet enabled device allows managers and owners to keep tabs on their workforce. No more will employees play while the boss is away!

7. The Fingerprint Timeclock System Takes Only Minutes to Set Up

This system is so easy to install that a company can make the transition to a biometric timeclock in minutes. Furthermore, it is so easy to use that no special training is necessary. However, there is support available if needed. Stop losing money and get the fingerprint timeclock. There is no risk involved. You either love it and use it or hate it and cancel. Nothing to lose except time!

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