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Attendance Management- The Tools Needed For Success

In every occupation, employees have a set of tools at their disposal to complete assigned jobs and projects. The criteria is the same for business owners and managers. Having a high-powered attendance management system in place to assist is key. MinuteHound is the leader in biometric time and attendance. Not only because of the robust biometric time clock, but because of the easy to use powerful attendance management software. From any web browser, managers can log-in to view/edit/modify and even export payroll. MinuteHound can even create a custom CSV file for your business in order to save even more time and improve efficiency for exporting payroll.

MinuteHound’s attendance management software is cloud based, meaning individuals can access the tools from anywhere, at anytime. Platform doesn’t matter either, so if you use Windows, Linux, or Mac it doesn’t matter, a simple Internet connection is all anyone needs to access and use the attendance management features. Attendance management offers real-time viewing and modification, detailed reports in order to properly plan staffing levels, text and email alerts, and many other features. The best part is all records and information are in the cloud, nothing is ever stored locally. Attendance management software uses 128-bit encryption for all data. Safe, secure, and very convenient.

Attendance Management Software And Biometrics

The attendance management utilities are accessible from anywhere. MinuteHound works so well and provides 100% accuracy through biometric technology. When employees arrive and leave work, they simply swipe their finger or thumb on a scanner. This scan first verifies their attendance, and then records their time. This simple process from the start eliminates so many problems at the workplace. No more buddy punching or payroll fraud. Cheating is over, and managers know all reports are flawless.

Cloud Based Attendance Management SoftwareHuman error is also cured through the text and email alerts. Attendance management from MinuteHound is a true solution that solves all problems. Savings begin, and employees are now held accountable for their actions. Biometrics are safe, and MinuteHound never records an image. All prints are broken down into number to ensure privacy. Also, biometrics and cloud based attendance management make workplaces green. Everything is digital, no need for anymore paper time sheets or cards of any kind!

Attendance Management Pricing and Fees

All the features of MinuteHound’s exclusive attendance management are available for a low monthly fee. Businesses only have to pay $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. MinuteHound combines modern technology with no-nonsense pricing. No hidden fees or extra costs. Everything, including updates and technical support, are all included. The biometric scanner is a total cost of $99.95. That is a one time fee, and each business needs one scanner per location. Simple to use, easy to setup, and starts to work from day one. No training required, and if help is ever needed, its always available. Upgrade today risk free and power your business with modern attendance management utilities.

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