Biometric Time Clock- Employee Attendance Card Guaranteed Accurate

The Attendance Card Has Been Upgraded

As a business owner you must keep track of all the hours your employees work. The most basic form of doing so is with a standard attendance card that your staff can sign in and out on. This method works as long as your employees are honest and don’t make mistakes. However this of course is not reality. The average employee steals 54 minutes every single day from their employer. The more senior an employee, the more obligated they feel to steal time. Having an attendance card can literally cost you money. Most employers don’t switch to modern technology for fear of high costs or too advanced to understand. This is no longer the case. Now, with biometric fingerprint technology an employee’s attendance card will be flawless.

Using fingerprints as a form of verification is foolproof. There is literally no way to cheat the system since staff cannot share fingerprints. Accuracy is guaranteed and every single employee attendance card is error free. Not only can friends at work not cover for one another, but mistakes are gone. Typically employees claim they “forget” to sign in or out but now that will never be the case. MinuteHound will send you and designated managers an email and text message to instantly notify you if your employees are ever late or leave early. This way, every attendance card for each member of your staff, no matter how large or small your workforce, is always correct.

The Paperless Attendance Card

Not only does MinuteHound upgrade the attendance card in forms of accuracy, the system is also green. There are no supplies associated with MinuteHound. For starters, the entire system is driven through a biometric fingerprint time clock. This small device is all you need to start saving money. This makes the attendance card 100% paperless. When your employees arrive, leave or take breaks instead of signing their attendance card, they simply swipe their finger. This is the verification which forces your staff to always do the right thing. The only amount of money you will ever pay your staff, is that of which they actually worked. No questions or doubts if someone is trying to pull a fast one, for it won’t happen.

MinuteHound's Attendance Card is Paperless and GreenNot only is the attendance card paperless, but it is also cloud based. This means all of your employee records are accessible from anywhere, anytime. When your staff swipe their finger to clock in or out, all information is recorded live. From any internet connection in the world, you have access. You can log in and view every attendance card for all your employees. You can view/edit/modify/update all from home, work or travel. This system makes your life easier. Your office is virtual and information is clicks away at all times. MinuteHound has made the attendance card electronic and easy to understand. Payroll becomes automated.

The Attendance Card is Safe and Secure

In case you have any doubts or questions about using fingerprints just know this system is completely safe and secure. The attendance card for your employees is encrypted. No fingerprint images are ever kept on file. This way, any type of identity theft is completely impossible. No information is every kept on site so you will never ever have to worry about loss or theft of data. Peace of mind for all users. The attendance card system from MinuteHound is also risk free. The price points are so low, it will pay for itself. Throw your old and outdated attendance card away and upgrade today to MinuteHound. You will be so glad you did!

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