Attendance Card Punching Machine And The Facts Why Not To Use One!

Throw Out That Old Attendance Card Punching Machine

Businesses lose millions of dollars each year because of simple, honest mistakes. However, they also lose billions from intentional employee abuse of old systems such as attendance card punching machine. Click here to view our time theft fact sheet. Fingerprint recognition software is more accurate than an old fashion attendance card punching machine. That is a fact. Its simple; MinuteHound uses adavanced technology to keep employee time accurately. Biometric fingerprint technology allows MinuteHound to use each individual’s fingerprint to sign them in and out. This eliminates many problems that are common when using an attendance card punching machine, such as:

    Time theft.
    Forgetting to clock in or out.
    Employees clocking each other in or out.
    Clocking in early or out late.
    Holiday, sick days, and vacations.
    Overtime related issues.

Move Over Attendance Card Punching Machine

Without a doubt the MinuteHound time keeping method is far superior to the old attendance card punching machine. It makes keeping employee time easy, safe, 100% accurate and faster than ever before. MinuteHound is affordable to any size business regardless of the number of employees, and is 100% guaranteed for life. There are no hidden fees. No cancellation fees. No charge for upgrades as they are included, for the life of the system! You get 24/7 support and the best risk free no contract service available anywhere.

MinuteHound Vs. Attendance Card Punching MachineWhen viewing your reports online, there are many filters to help you find the information your looking for, fast. Can any attendance card punching machine provide you with live reports? Also keep in mind, MinuteHound is not something you buy in a store or a product with an expiration date. When you invest with MinuteHound, your investing in yourself. The average business that makes the switch to MinuteHound see a return on their investment of 2,300%. These numbers are real, and MinuteHound is your true solution on how to start saving money. Not only is our technology cutting edge, but so is our support. We pride ourselves on your success. Your not alone with MinuteHound. As you continue your search see if any attendance card punching machine even comes close to MinuteHound’s service, technology, and price.

Attendance Card Punching Machine Vs. Clutter and Organization

Typically when you purchase a big bulky attendance card punching machine you have to either mount it on a wall, or have it sit on a table or shelf. More often than not you have to hire an electrician to properly and safely install the wiring and internet and all of the above. MinuteHound has one piece of equipment that is the size of a coffee mug! There is no other inventory to buy, ever. No time cards or time sheets to take up even more of your space. MinuteHound is also paperless. Not only do you save money but mother earth at the same time. Make the switch today. You will be glad you did!

MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Attendance Card Punching Machine: Lose The Machine! Upgrade to MinuteHound today!

We are confident in our business. Be just as confident in yours.
Call (800) 351-7237 MinuteHound today!

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