Attendance Management Program- Biometrics Means Perfect Payroll

Saving Your Business Money with an Attendance Management Program

A lot of companies use some form of attendance management program. Unfortunately, the way that a lot of those companies keep track of their employees hours and pay is through the use of manual clocking in and out. This type of attendance management program can lead to a whole range of problems such as buddy punching and working overtime that is not allowed. Luckily, there is a better way. It is called MinuteHound.

MinuteHound sets the bar for keeping track of your employees. This attendance management program is extremely versatile and cost effective. It allows your employees to clock in or out with a simple touch of their finger. For every start, stop and breaks a simple swipe is all that is needed. The attendance management program can keep track of all employee activity accurately and safely.

How Does The Attendance Management Program Work?

The MinuteHound attendance management program uses a fingerprint scanner to clock your employee in or out. This prevents buddy punching, which is when one employee clocks another employee in or out in order to add time to their card. It also prevents employees from manually changing the time clock since this attendance management program captures the time from the Internet.

Another important aspect of this product is that instead of storing an employee’s information on a local system, it converts the information to a number and sends it out to four different servers across the globe. Cloud storage ensures that your employees’ information cannot be compromised.

Manage Staff w/ The Attendance Management ProgramNo matter where you are in the world, this attendance management program can alert you via text message and/or email if an employee has clocked in late or early, and whether or not they leave on time or before the end of their shift. It also alerts your when any of your employees have stayed extra hours which would normally cost you overtime pay for them. Overtime is expensive, and considering that 2 to 8 percent of lost profit is from payroll issues, you cannot afford NOT to have this attendance management program.

Attendance Management Program: Costs and Price

Pennies. It will only cost you pennies a day, and the savings you will see will far outweigh the cost of setup. You will soon be asking yourself, “Why didn’t I set up this program ages ago?” On top of that, this attendance management program is risk free with no obligations.

In short, this attendance management program uses fingerprint scanning to clock your employees in and out, keeping track of when they arrive late, leave early, or work overtime without permission. This program is plug and play; there are no learning curves, making it usable for anyone. Start saving money, and try it now!

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MinuteHound Internet Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Attendance Management Program.

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