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Attendance Software Free Download: Time Clock Software For PC

MinuteHound is the modern, hassle-free answer for the issues businesses have with timecards. Employees arrive late and leave early all the time and basically take money from the company by either having friends clock in or out for them or simply not doing it. Timecard fraud costs U.S. businesses more than $140 billion annually, and it makes absolute sense to spend a little to save a lot. This is now a job for MinuteHound.

Our product combines an easy-to-use, plug-and-play fingerprint scanner with software in order to keep track of people on the clock and make sure all runs smoothly. Once you purchase the scanners and plug them in, just cue up the attendance software free download. Then, you are off and running. The system is accessible from anywhere, so all a manager needs is a computer and an internet connection and he or she can keep track of the comings and goings of each employee.

The system is completely secure because it uses 128-bit encryption to scramble any collected data and send it to four different servers. Personal information is likewise protected because neither the scanner itself nor the computer to which it is connected stores any data. After your attendance software free download, all the employees of your business will be held accountable. Even salaried employees can sign in and out in order to maintain total transparency The company will save money because fraud will disappear, and morale will go up because no one will wind up with shorted hours. The system controls everything related to attendance and timecards.

Eliminate Fraud and Buddy Punching Now With Our Attendance Software Free Download

The attendance software free download and eliminating fraud are just two ways you will save money with MinuteHound. Payroll is a snap because the fragmented data stored on the four servers is easily exportable. Your payroll staff can just get the hard data from the system and know it is entirely correct. Your attendance software free download is the beginning of a series of fantastic improvements that are sure to befall your business.

SaaS- Attendance Software Free DownloadBecause our product is so good, we have the utmost confidence that, despite offering the attendance software free download and surprisingly low monthly costs, we will be able to provide products and services for years to come. In fact, our technical support is likewise free-of-charge. So are lifetime updates, as they are included in your very low monthly fee.

Time and Attendance Made Simple: Low Cost, Superior Results

When you select MinuteHound for your timecard and attendance tracking needs, honesty is guaranteed. An attendance software free download is the least we can do when you put your faith in us, purchase the scanning units, and pay the reasonable monthly fees. We believe in our product and guarantee it will fulfill and satisfy your needs. If it does not, send it back to us and we will not only refund the cost of the unit but also the shipping cost. Additionally, because of the attendance software free download, you pay only the cost of what you used prior to returning the scanner.

In summation, here are the steps: get the scanners and plug them in, process the attendance software free download and install it, and start saving money. That is all there is to it. You will certainly be happy after your attendance software free download. We are sure of it.

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Cloud Time Clock SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Attendance Software Free Download.

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