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Time is Money and You Can Save Both with this Employee Attendance Tracker

Over $140 billion dollars are lost annually due to payroll discrepancies. Is your company contributing to that number? It could be, unless you implement an employee attendance tracker such as MinuteHound.

This employee attendance tracker does the work for you by using fingerprint scanning technology. Unlike most of the similar technologies in use today, this employee attendance tracker does not store any of the employee’s information on a local system. Instead, this employee attendance tracker converts the employee’s fingerprint information into a number which is then broken down and sent to four different servers across the globe. This ensures that your employee’s information is not compromised.

How does the MinuteHound employee attendance tracker work?

As soon as your employee places his or her finger on the fingerprint scanner, he or she has clocked in. When that same employee places their finger on the scanner again, he or she has clocked out. This employee attendance tracker removes payroll losses due to fraud and other costly behaviors. This system saves you money.

There are many ways that this employee attendance tracker is superior to others. While making sure that time theft is not a problem, this employee attendance tracker is cloud based, meaning that any of your employees’ hours can be looked into in real time, no matter where you are in the world. In fact, this employee attendance tracker will even send you an email or text message any time any of your employees leave work early or arrives to work late.

Save Money. Be Happy w/ an Employee Time Tracker!On top of that, MinuteHound saves you money. It does so, not only by removing time theft, but also by being affordable. This system only costs you pennies a day. This system is easy to learn and use and anyone can do it. Around the clock technical support also adds peace of mind to clients. In addition, each scanner is backed forever with a lifetime money back guarantee. No obligations required, cancel at anytime.

But how does MinuteHound save you money?

By tracking the exact time an employee clocks in and out, this employee attendance tracker shows exactly how much time an employee spent working on any given day. It also alerts you via email and/or text message when an employee is late, leaves early, or works overtime without permission. This system protects your company against ‘buddy punching’, when one employee clocks another employee in or out. Since this system captures the time directly from the Internet, there is no way for employees to alter the time manually, further removing the threat of theft. Finally, this system will save you both time and money by getting rid of manual time clock calculations.

In essence, if you want to save anywhere from 2 to 8 percent on your payroll costs, this employee tracker can help you to do that. Preventing time fraud makes the business that you have worked so hard for more profitable.

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