What Is The Best Kept Secret In Business: The Time Clock Application!

Time Clock Application Offers Savings and Peace of Mind

If you own or operate a business, you know how much money can be lost on time theft and unapproved overtime. In case you don’t, the number reported by American businesses averages $148 billion a year. Minutehound offers a time clock application that uses biometric fingerprint technology that eliminates time theft and human error. The average employee steals 54 minutes every day. The more senior the employee, the more obligated they feel to steal time. These are facts. Every employer big and small has to deal with these issues. MinuteHound’s time clock application solves these problems. At the same time you will save, and have peace of mind. You are now reading about the best kept secret in business!

Minutehound’s time clock application operates on a cloud based system. This allows you to monitor your employees activity from anywhere in the world. You never leave your office. The beauty of the time clock application is that it was designed for the business owner. You can receive emails and text messages alerting you to employees clocking in late or out early. You can also designate managers to receive alerts. There are no time cards, sheets, badges, or ID and passwords. The time clock application runs on their fingerprint. Cheating is not possible.

MinuteHound Cures Human ErrorThe time clock application also cures human error. Your employees can no longer claim they “forgot” to clock in or out. Not only can they not cheat the system, they can’t lie either! The alert system also acts as documentation if you need it. This helps against lawsuits or claims by employees. MinuteHound’s time clock application is the most accurate system on the market. Our technology currently services over 150,000 active daily users worldwide.

Time Clock Application Makes Payroll Stress and Error Free

Processing payroll will be a breeze with a time clock application. MinuteHound displays an Excel based wage calculation table. You only need to add the hourly rate being paid and then total it up. You then have the choice to print this information, export it to a spreadsheet, PDF, Excel or ASCII. This time clock application will provide you with detailed time and attendance reports. MinuteHound data can also be exported to allow import into accounting systems commonly used by large companies. The time clock application is your all inclusive tool to make life easier.

This time clock application software pays for itself in no time. It does the work of many different software systems, allowing you the confidence of running an efficient time clock application that saves you time and money. Just sit back and let Minutehound track your employee attendance and eliminate excess payroll expenses. The time clock application is easy to use, quick to set up, reliable, and low-cost. No training required. No learning curves to master. The technology behind the time clock application is advanced, however simple and easy to use.

Upgrade Your Business With MinuteHound’s Time Clock Application

Time Clock Application Includes Lifetime SupportThe time clock application from MinuteHound is also accessible from any mobile device. Whether it be your droid, iPhone, iPad, or workstation all you need is an internet connection. Save your company’s time and money with this patented biometric time clock application. This is not a product with a shelf life. There is no expiration date. While your a client, lifetime support and updates are included.

That support has no weekends or nights either. The time clock application never stops working for you! You have a problem or issue, MinuteHound will solve it. There are no contracts to sign. No fine print to read. Just a solid, true everyday solution for your business. Upgrading to MinuteHound’s time clock application upgrades your business. Make the switch today. You will be glad you did!

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MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time Clock Application: On The Go. At Home. Your Connected!

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