Best Time Clock for Small Business 2020

The future is now. Switch to the best time clock!
You’ve probably had to deal with payroll errors or employees abusing time. What if you could get rid of payroll problems altogether?

MinuteHound is the best time clock because it gets rid of payroll errors.
Payroll mistakes can be costly in dollars, time, and employee trust. Errors can result in an IRS audit or a lawsuit. Correcting payroll blunders takes up valuable time. Employees don’t trust companies that shortchange or fail to pay them on time. These types of mistakes can cause a company to lose good employees. Payroll errors could be particularly expensive for small business owners.

MinuteHound’s cloud-based software prevents payroll mistakes. How? It automatically counts the actual hours worked in real-time. It also keeps track of leave and overtime. The attendance tracking feature is what makes MinuteHound the best time clock. MinuteHound produces error free payroll records to be submitted to any payroll service of your choice. Accurate timekeeping helps companies save money and avoid legal problems.

MinuteHound stops Time-Thieves Tim and Tina in their tracks.
It might seem harmless when employees leave work early or arrive late and don’t report it. It’s not. Deliberately entering false information on a timesheet is a fraud! Time theft happens in almost 75% of all businesses, according to a study by the American Payroll Association.

MinuteHound’s system is the best time clock because it stops time theft. No more using time cards, which allows buddy punching. MinuteHound’s fingerprint technology prevents employees from abusing time. If an employee is late, her manager will immediately receive an alert by email or smartphone. Managers can view attendance records anywhere on the planet in real-time. All that is needed is a computer or mobile device with an internet connection. Ending payroll fraud is another excellent feature of the best time clock available.

MinuteHound is the best time clock! It will save you time and money. MinuteHound helps you avoid payroll errors that could land you in court. MinuteHound also stops Time-Thieves Tim and Tina. You don’t want employees stealing from you, whether you’re a small business or large corporation. So, why are you waiting? MinuteHound is the future of time and attendance! It only costs pennies a day, and you will receive 5 star customer support. Switch to the best time clock today!

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