Best Time Tracking Software- Stop Payroll Abuse, Fraud, Time Theft

The Best Time Tracking Software Eliminates Wasteful Spending

Where does your business lose the most money? Is it wasted materials during the production process? Inefficient inventory systems which require the same work to be done more than once? Chances are that it’s neither of these. More than likely, employee time theft costs your business far more than any other issue you’re facing. Fortunately, it’s also easily preventable when you switch to the best time tracking software.

Employee time theft is an incredibly common phenomenon. MinuteHound is the best time tracking software available. It completely eliminates payroll abuse from your workplace. Employees have friends at work and they cover for one another. Or, they simply know how to cheat the system and fudge the numbers. How about when they take 45 minutes on their half hour lunch breaks. Even when employees leave a few minutes early, it all adds up. The average employee steals 54 minutes every day from their employer. Stop paying them for time they don’t work. Keep it for yourself, it’s your money. The best time tracking software records time down to the second.

Best Time Tracking Software Uses Biometric Technology

The best time tracking software on the market today uses fingerprint recognition. This is also known as biometric technology. Employees clock in and out of work by simply swiping their finger. It is easy, safe, and foolproof. MinuteHound never stores images and information is safely stored in the cloud. Data loss is not even a possibility. Biometric technology is cost effective and guarantees accuracy. MinuteHound is hands down the best time tracking software.

MinuteHound is Fingerprint Technology At It's FinestMaking the switch from mechanical time clocks and paper time cards to a biometric fingerprint scan-based time tracking system is all it takes to end time theft once and for all. These sophisticated time clocks, along with the best time tracking software make it impossible for your employees to clock in or out for one another. You’ll also be alerted instantly when employees arrive late or leave early. MinuteHound’s best time tracking software sends designated managers email and text based alerts. This happens in real time. This is the kind of detailed employee time tracking which older systems like time cards simply can’t provide.

Payroll Is Automated With The Best Time Tracking Software

MinuteHound makes payroll processing quick and easy. All the data is transmitted under secure 128 bit encryption. Rather than having to manually add up and enter employee hours for payroll, your staff can use MinuteHound’s detailed employee time and attendance reports. Since the system is cloud based, these reports are accessible to management anytime and from anywhere in the world.

What makes MinuteHound the best time tracking software? It’s simple. Security, accuracy, plug and play ease of use and the way it helps you protect your bottom line and make your job easier. No long term commitments. No training or learning curves. Better yet, the entire system is 100% risk free. In addition, the best time tracking software from MinuteHound is Green. 100% paperless. Save money and office space. Upgrade today, you will be so glad you did!

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MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Best Time Tracking Software: Down To The Second Accurate!

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