Time Tracker Software- Installs On Any Machine. Cloud Based And Green

Time Tracker Software- Account For Every Second

How accurate is time tracker software? The MinuteHound algorithm performs 600,000 matchings per second! Time tracker software is not only accurate and cost effective, but safe and secure as well. It will completely change the way you manage, handle, and think about your business. MinuteHound offers a wide variety of tools and resources every size business needs regardless of service or product. So what is time tracker software? It is a form of time and attendance that eliminates human error, mistakes, payroll abuse, and fraud. Pins, passwords, badges, or any other system your currently using is costing you money. Time tracker software uses biometric technology, otherwise known as fingerprint recognition. By using a trait unique to every human being alive, accuracy is guaranteed.

Time tracker software can be installed on any computer. You do not need to dedicate a machine as the program runs in the background. After you setup an account, a biometric fingerprint time clock is mailed to you. This is your scanner. Your employees will simply place their finger on the scanner to clock in, out and take breaks. This process takes about 2 seconds. Now, with time tracker software installed you will know who is where at what time and in which department. You can view all of this information online. Live reporting is a great feature for managers away from the office. On the weekend you can log in and view all activity without ever stepping foot in the workplace. Time tracker software will change the way you manage your day, and business as a whole.

Time Tracker Software- Green and Paperless

In addition to using fingerprint recognition, time tracker software is 100% paperless. There are no supplies to order or re-order. No big bulky equipment for you to have collect dust. The software never gets old or outdated. With your very low monthly fee, lifetime updates are included. You worry about your business, let MinuteHound worry about the rest. Time tracker software will allow you to automate certain tasks most managers have to conduct everyday. Payroll is a breeze. A few clicks and it’s done. No counting or double checking.

Time Tracker Software Is Cloud BasedTime tracker software is also your HR manager. If any of your employees ever show up late or leave early, your notified. Not the next day, but in real time. You will receive a text and email letting you know someone is not following their assigned shift. Time tracker software helps businesses expand by helping reduce or even eliminate staff requirements. From a single location, you can view all your information. If your at home and have 5 locations, you can view/edit/modify/update and more right from one computer. Save time and money with time tracker software.

Risk Free Time Tracker Software Pays For Itself

In addition to all of the above listed, keep in mind MinuteHound is risk free. The biometric fingerprint scanner is backed by a 100% money back guarantee, for LIFE! Time tracker software is very easy to use and setup. However, your low monthly fee includes round the clock support. You need some help, you got it! In almost all cases, clients who have switched to time tracker software save so much money, it pays for itself. You will be amazed at how this will change the way you manage your business. There is no long term commitments. No hidden or cancellation fees. Just a pure, solid, and proven solution for your business. Upgrade to MinuteHound. Upgrade your business.

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