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This Time Clock Review was Written by A MinuteHound&#x2122 Time Clock Client

Time Clock Blog Publishers note: Below is a written Time Clock Review by David Ezra of Anytime Fitness # 2186.

MinuteHound&#x2122 Time Clock Team,

A Cost Effective Time Clock Solution

As an inventor and gym owner I am in the unique position of traveling regularly while at the same time needing to oversee the operation of my brick and mortar business. MinuteHound&#x2122 has provided a complete cost-effective solution to my time and attendance issues.

A Time Clock Solution For A World Traveler

MinuteHound&#x2122 allows me to view attendance reports from anywhere in the world. Whether I am in New York or China I always know who is on the clock. When it comes time to process payroll I simply access the reports in order to easily view the hourly total per employee.

Time Clock Recommendation to Fellow Business Owners

In short, The MinuteHound&#x2122 System has provided a reliable, cost effective, and easy to implement solution for managing time and attendance.

David Ezra
Anytime Fitness # 2186

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