Biometric Attendance System Price: Includes Shipping and Fees

Affordable Biometric Attendance System Price

The MinuteHound system is a new time clock system that is taking the world of employers by storm. The system is a biometric product that uses fingerprint scanning as the basis of its operation. The reason it is becoming so popular in the workplace is the savings. The MinuteHound system saves each company that uses it time, hassle and money. A person can almost compare the biometric attendance system price to that of a daily pack of chewing gum.

Why is the Biometric Attendance System Price so Low?
MinuteHound believes in saving businesses money rather than robbing them of their profits. The fingerprint scanner saves a business thousands of dollars in payroll costs. The reason that this system is so effective is that it is virtually error-free. Other methods of employee tracking do not even come close to it. Employers that use the old-fashioned written and signed time cards lose money because of poor legibility. Companies that use badges lose money because of lost badges and employee theft. Some companies still use computer systems that have usernames and passwords. This system is not effective because of time stealing. Employees can exchange usernames and passwords and conduct various mischievous time crimes.

The MinuteHound system uses a certified fingerprint system. No two people’s fingerprints are alike, so time clock identity theft is impossible. The employee places his or the finger on the scanner the first time to register in the system. The system knows that person’s fingerprints after that. It verifies identity and sends the data to a remote server where the managers can access it. This easy program has no flaws or holes in it. The bosses and the payroll department can relax with it in place.

Save Time and Money With BiometricsThe savings that the MinuteHound system can achieve for a client are well worth the biometric attendance system price. The system can save a company at least 5 percent on payroll. That 5 percent can cover the cost of the system hundreds of times.

What is the Biometric Attendance System Price?
To be specific, the biometric attendance system price is $99.95 for the scanner. New customers will only have to pay this one time for the unit. The biometric attendance system price includes a lifetime money back guarantee and free shipping. The user must also pay a service fee. The biometric attendance system price for the service is $1 per employee and $5 per location. Therefore, a business that only has 20 employees and one location will only pay a biometric attendance system price of $24.95 per month. This biometric attendance system price includes every feature and option MinuteHound has to offer, including around the clock customer support.

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MinuteHound Biometric Attendance System Price.

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