Biometric Attendance System|A New Trend?

Specifics of a Biometric Attendance System

The newest trend in the business world is to install a biometric attendance system. As a method of keeping track of when employees come and go. There is a reason why a biometric attendance systems are increasing in popularity. Biometrics have a number of advantages that make them superior to traditional attendance systems.

1. Stops Time Theft

One main reason that the biometric attendance system is so excellent for business is because it is able to stop time theft. Time theft is a scourge that many businesses have to attend to on a daily basis. It is when one employee uses a time card or employee identification number of another employee in order to make the system think that he or she is actually at work when he or she is not. The employee will get paid for the time; Even though he or she did not actually work. This can cost employers hundreds of thousands of dollars each year and significantly reduce the amount of productivity and efficiency that the business is able to achieve. In order to stop time theft, a biometric attendance system utilizes organic materials, a fingerprint for example, that cannot be shared from one employee to another. This will stop time theft permanently.

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2. Cloud Based

MinuteHound’s biometric attendance system is cloud based. This means that the information that is securely collected whenever an employee scans his or her fingerprint to clock in for a shift is automatically sent to the cloud. The information is accessible by anyone with credentials who needs the information in the company. This allows managers to see which employees have been coming in late, payroll employees to make sure that everyone is getting paid, and employers to determine if someone needs to be let go. A biometric attendance system that is cloud based allows easy access to the information all over the world.
Plug and Play Biometric Attendance System

3. Safe Transfer

MinuteHound is very secure. MinuteHound utilizes a 128 bit encryption system to transfer data collected by the biometric attendance system. This along with many other security features prevents the information from being seen by those who do not need or are not allowed to see it. The encryption will be able to keep the data safe without compromising productivity.

4. Easy to Use

Once the MinuteHound biometric attendance system has been purchased, the only thing that the employer needs to do is simply plug it in. And a quick installation process will connect the system and automatically send the information gathered to the cloud where it can later be utilized. Other systems require a long time to set up and employers will often find themselves needing a great deal of assistance.

No training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.

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