Biometric Attendance System- Business to Business Time Tracking

The Biometric Attendance System- B2B Product Assistance

More than likely if your searching for a biometric attendance system, odds are you own and/or run a business. If so, then rest assured you have come to the right place, as MinuteHound is the biometric attendance system leader. For the most convenient and effective method to record employee hours worked, a biometric attendance system is the answer. No more errors and no more questions about who worked what shift and when. With MinuteHound’s biometric attendance system, all the reporting is crystal clear and automated. No more manual counting or double-checking numbers. Down to the minute, the biometric attendance system will track time and give you an instant report of time worked.

All employees have to do is show up to work, take their break, and leave for the day all by swiping out on the time clock. The time clock is a small device which can be easily mounted to a tabletop, wall, etc. It takes less than 2 seconds for an employee clock-in and clock-out of work. This is the beauty of the biometric attendance system, which is its simplicity. The fingerprint scanner has no fancy buttons or knobs on it, just a small glass surface where employees can clock-in and out of work. The scanner itself has a read rate of over 99%, which means no matter what type of business you have, MinuteHound’s biometric attendance system will work!

Boost Savings with a Biometric Attendance System

Build Your Success With Biometric SolutionsSo what can a biometric attendance system do? For starters it will save managers and those in charge of payroll countless hours and headaches. Again, all the reports are automated and ready to be downloaded and sent off at anytime. Export them into QuickBooks or whatever payroll system you have. Besides that, from day one a biometric attendance system will instantly and quickly end time theft, fraud, and common mistakes. Productivity will go up and all that extra time employees spent their break or trying to leave early is no longer.

Employees love this system and employers can’t live without it. No matter what type of business you have, this system works. MinuteHound has over 150,000 daily users in every industry. Employees need to be paid, and in order to pay them correctly and efficiently, a biometric attendance system goes along way. MinuteHound offers their biometric attendance system risk free with no obligations. A business can try it out and use it for as long as they want. If they don’t like it, they can simply return it and get their money back! Try it today.

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