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Businesses all over the world are quickly turning over their time and attendance to biometric technology. You could be considering making the switch to a biometric employee punch clock for your business. To some less tech savvy business owners the idea of a biometric employee punch clock might seem like something out of a James Bond movie. If you haven’t used a biometric employee punch clock before, you probably have some important questions to ask before you give it a go.

Biometric Employee Punch Clock Questions Answered
What is a biometric employee punch clock? A biometric employee punch clock is a punch clock that uses a physical trait of the employee to identify that employee. One such physical trait is a fingerprint. Fingerprints have patterns that are unique to each individual and don’t change with time. Other physical traits commonly used in a biometric employee time clock are palm prints, the face, and the iris of the eye.

Why use a biometric employee punch clock? Accuracy in identification. Using fingerprints again, no two people will have the same fingerprint. You can be sure that the person clocking in or out is the person they say they are. A biometric employee punch clock eliminates the ability of one employee to clock in or out for another employee. No buddy punching means savings on payroll. Another benefit of biometrics is that employees never have to carry time sheets, I.D. cards, or remember I.D. numbers.

MinuteHound’s Biometric Employee Punch Clock
MinuteHound’s biometric employee punch clock is on the leading edge of technology. Using the fingerprint scanner couldn’t be easier! Employees only need to press the tip of their finger to the scanner for a moment. That’s it! Unlike many of it’s competitors, MinuteHound’s USB fingerprint scanner takes up no more room in your office than a coffee cup does. It doesn’t take up any room on your computer either. Instead, MinuteHound stores all of your information on a secured remote server. MinuteHound makes your reports as accessible to you as your email is.

Safe and Secure Cloud TechnologyWith MinuteHound you can be sure that the employee punching in is the person they claim to be. Safeguards are in place for even the sneakiest of employees. Rubber fingerprints and photocopies of fingerprints won’t work on this fingerprint scanner.

Good News!
Perhaps the best news of all is that MinuteHound won’t break the bank. In fact, MinuteHound will cost you less than most traditional punch clocks! Many biometric scanners will cost your business hundreds of dollars. Better technology should mean more efficiency rather than more price. MinuteHound wants you to save money with their technology. Are you ready to make the switch to biometrics with MinuteHound?

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