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Modern Technology Vs. The Old Outdated Time Recorder Ribbon

Back in the day, company and business owners used their old fashioned time clocks, complete with a time recorder ribbon, to keep track of employees’ comings and goings. These machines served their purpose to an extent; however, as we move forward into the 21st century, it’s time to start considering the better solution: MinuteHound. A time recorder ribbon is old, outdated, and is a pain to install. MinuteHound is the complete opposite.

Sure, some might believe that nothing is easier than the time recorder ribbon. However, MinuteHound takes such a short time amount of time that it’s completely worth it. All that employees need to do is swipe their fingerprints in the scanning device, and they are instantly clocked in and out of work. With a fingerprint identification system, employees are unable to sign in for another as they did could with the old time clocks. An old time clock ribbon is a piece of equipment that costs too much money, and takes up too much time.

Cost Advantages of Biometrics Vs. A Time Recorder Ribbon

Buying a time recorder ribbon isn’t exactly a one time deal either. When the time recorder ribbon runs out or if the ribbon breaks, businesses will have to purchase new ones practically at the drop of the hat. MinuteHound provides subscriptions tailored to the size of the business and the number of branches available. Available for $99.95, the fingerprint scanner is a one time buy. If you ever have any problems with it, help is a phone call away. Not only with the scanner, but the system itself.

Take The Next Step And Upgrade To BiometricsThose old fashioned time clocks with a time recorder ribbon embedded inside also take up more space than MinuteHound. The MinuteHound fingerprint scanner is a simple and small device, and it allows employees to swipe in discreetly and privately. It’s also easy to move around the room especially because it comes with a six foot long USB cord. Whether employers want to set the system up near the entrance of the building or in a central area where all employees can easily get to, it’s more than possible with MinuteHound.

The Time Recorder Ribbon Has Run It’s Course

Another advantage of MinuteHound over the old fashioned time clocks with a time recorder ribbon is that it is basically interactive. When an employee walks in the door late, leaves early or heads out on an unscheduled break, the employer will receive an email or a text message, depending upon the selected method. A time recorder ribbon is simply not going to do that for the employer. Choosing MinuteHound ensures that the time keeping process is easier for both the employer and the employees than time clocks with a time recorder ribbon have been in days gone by.

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