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How The Fingerprint Pad Works

Employees arrive and leave work all by placing their finger or thumb on the fingerprint pad. That’s it! MinuteHound has made biometric technology easy to use as well as affordable. The fingerprint pad works wonders as it requires employees to be physically present in order to record their time. This way, all forms of cheating are over. Friends can no longer cover for each other, and honesty is brought back into reporting. The fingerprint pad is simple to use, requires no training, and easily plugs into any computer!

Installation and setup of the fingerprint pad is easy. After getting plugged in, the software is downloaded. In under 10 minutes, the fingerprint pad is ready to use. The fingerprint pad is attached to the computer with a 6 foot cord. Extension cords are also available to extend the fingerprint pad up to 48 feet. Employees never have to view the computer monitor. It takes 1 or 2 seconds for employees to verify their attendance and record their time. Payroll is a breeze and 100% accurate.

How The Fingerprint Records and Transfers Information

When employees swipe their finger or thumb, that print is never recorded. Instead, the fingerprint pad breaks the print down into a unique string and and encrypts the information. This way, prints are never stored and data remains safe at all times. Nothing is ever stored locally. Even if the scanner or computer it was connected too was stolen or damaged, information is never at risk. Cloud computing is safe and secure. The fingerprint pad provides accuracy as well as privacy.

Biometric Fingerprint PadIn addition to security, the fingerprint pad acts like an on-duty supervisor. If an employee clocks-in late or tries to leave early, an email is sent out. If employees never show up to work or simply forget to clock-in, an email is sent. The fingerprint pad has the ability to track employees and take the guesswork and human element out of payroll. This way, employers are sure to save more money while driving down on costs. The fingerprint pad works, and currently over 150,000 users record their time using it every single day.

The Price Points and Fees Associated With The Fingerprint Pad

The fingerprint pad itself is $99.95. This is a one time fee for each device. It is backed for life so if anything goes wrong of if you decide to cancel, simply return for your money back. All the services from MinuteHound, including lifetime updates and technical support are $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. Every sized business can afford MinuteHound and from day one, the system will begin to work for you. Enjoy the benefits of biometrics and order a fingerprint pad today!

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Biometric Fingerprint PadNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
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