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The standard punch time clock has been replaced by modern technology. The old punch time clock that uses a card, badge or sheet that employees get punched when they arrive or leave work, is simply outdated. In addition, these old systems are likely more expensive than most modern options. Without a doubt old punch time clocks are way less accurate and practical. MinuteHound offers a proven solution that is foolproof. Using biometric technology, employees have no way of cheating or stealing time. Friends cannot cover for each other at work. Also, unlike the old punch time clock no supplies are needed. Your able to save money in multiple ways.

MinuteHound does not use a punch time clock, but instead uses a fingerprint time clock. This device, the fingerprint scanner, is the size of a computer mouse, and connects to any computer. After you setup an account, the scanner is mailed to you. Free shipping and handling. Once you receive it you simply plug it in and start to register your employees. You can throw away your old punch time clock for it’s no longer needed. Once you have the scanner installed, which takes about 10 minutes, you will have the most advanced time and attendance system on the market in place.

The Punch Time Clock Has Clocked Out

Time to Start Saving! MinuteHound Biometric Punch Time ClockThe standard punch time clock is very basic in the fact that it records time. This time is only as accurate as the employee is honest. What stops friends at work from clocking in and out for each other? Without some form of verification, you quite possibly are being robbed. MinuteHound completely changes this. The punch time clock simply cannot compete. By having your staff verify who they are with fingerprint recognition; guarantees accuracy. Payroll becomes flawless. Human error and common mistakes are now gone, forever.

All information recorded with MinuteHound is captured live, in real time. No punch time clock even comes close to this feature. From now on, your able to view/edit/update any and all information from any internet connection in the world. You can be at the golf course and from your mobile device check on your staff. The resources and features of MinuteHound are not found on any punch time clock. It is time for an upgrade. It is time to start saving and change the way you run your business.

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