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Biometric Employee Time Clock Saves You Money

Perfect attendance is guaranteed with MinuteHound’s biometric employee time clock. As a business owner and manager, you will never have to worry about errors or common mistakes. Payroll will become flawless and stress free. No more counting up or double checking numbers. Whether you have 5 or 5000 employees, the biometric employee time clock is for you. It is fast, safe, secure, low-cost and reliable. You will never need another system and you can completely get rid of your existing one. MinuteHound’s biometric employee time clock will save you money, time and help increase productivity. On top of all that, it will give you a long list of tools and resources to make your job easier and more efficient.

On top of preventing errors, the biometric employee time clock also eliminates time theft and payroll abuse. Friends at work cannot cover for each other. Employees will never have the opportunity to rack up overtime or cheat the system in any way. The biometric employee time clock uses fingerprint identification to verify your employees attendance. This is how accuracy is guaranteed. When your staff show up, leave or take breaks they simply place their finger on the scanner, and their time is recorded. After you setup an account, the biometric employee time clock is mailed to you. Think of it as your fingerprint time clock. A simple swipe of the finger is all it takes.

The Biometric Employee Time Clock Business Advantage

Reduce profits, increase savings. You will do just that by using this biometric employee time clock. For starters, you will automatically save 5-8% off of your payroll costs. On top of that, your never going to over or under pay any of your employees ever again. By your employees using their finger to clock in and out of work, they will be paid correctly down to the second. You will only ever pay for the exact time worked.

Biometric Employee Time Clock Guarantees Perfect AttendanceThe biometric employee time clock uses a notification system. This way you can receive e-mails and text messages in case someone doesn’t show up or leave early. Also, it can be uses to let you know someone clocked in early or late. Perfect attendance guaranteed! You can even have the biometric employee time clock alert employees if you wanted. Either way, the benefits of using this system are profound. Give your business the winning advantage by using the biometric employee time clock and never get cheated again!

The Biometric Employee Time Clock Support Network

When you make the switch to MinuteHound’s biometric employee time clock, you will have a dedicated team behind you. Assistance is always available when you need it. There is no long term commitments. You can cancel at anytime for whatever reason. Also, when you purchase the biometric employee time clock it is risk free. The scanner is backed for life, which means no risk to you! You can return it and get a full refund for the scanner price. There is never any fine print or hidden fees. This is your true everyday solution for you business. Once you upgrade to MinuteHound, you will wonder how you managed without it!

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